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Dr. Whapoe: Liberia is in reverse gear

By Lewis S Teh

The standard-bearer for the opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party or VOLT, Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe says, Liberia is in reverse gear, not making improvement, contrary to claims by those in power.

He says the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change-led government headed by President George Weah is doing nothing to transform the country and improve the living conditions of ordinary people.

“The truth is that Liberia is in reverse gear; things continue to deteriorate here in this country and this is all your fault; it’s due to the bad choice you continue to make during elections”, he blames the electorate.

 Dr. Whapoe spoke over the weekend in Electoral Ddistrict#3, Nimba County when he visited eight towns in Zor district, where he held several town hall meetings with villagers.

“I really don’t know why my parents gave me Jeremiah name, but we all know Jeremiah to be the weeping prophet in the Bible and for that reason, God himself has given me the wisdom to find solutions to the problems Liberia is facing, but that will happen if you work with me”, he tells citizens.

According to him, the reason why Liberians continue to live in poverty is that they allow others to feed them, noting “Since you can’t feed yourself, those feeding you will determine how many cups or bags of rice you will eat per day.”

Dr. Whapoe: “Once you the people will feed yourselves, you won’t go after people begging for food, the self-seeking politicians used your desperate situation to inflict more hardship on you.”

He reminds residents of towns visited that it was because of food that the infamous April 14, 1979, Rice Riot occurred in Monrovia, which he notes subsequently led to the assassination of President William R. Tolbert, Jr. who he says was a prophet of God.

The VOLT leader adds that the rice riot was also a contributing factor to the 14 years of civil war that claimed thousands of innocent lives.

He says current suffering Liberians are undergoing is as the result of God’s wrath upon the nation.

“Today, our problem is poverty, evidence is the fact that our people can’t feed themselves, can’t afford any school fees for their children. I want us to handle this feeding situation through agriculture because agriculture is the only means to develop our country and improve our living conditions.” 

“I’m not here to give you fish to eat, but I’m here to teach you how to fish. I have come to work with you the Liberian people to transform your lives through agriculture.”

He says people who should have lifted the citizenry from poverty, are the very same people that are increasing their poverty.

He further reminds them that receiving T-shirts and a few cups of rice from politicians during elections will add nothing to their lives but increase poverty, saying they make you sick while they travel abroad to get good treatment.

“I have come to work with you to get you out of poverty, if you elect me President, I will use the resources wisely by investing in agriculture to get you out of poverty.”

He brags of having several acres of farmland that are currently producing and harvesting rice, peanut, and other foodstuffs in Bong, Nimba, and other counties.

I’m tired of JFK being used as a mortuary, instead of a referral hospital, it is my responsibility as a citizen of this county to help bring each of you, your children out of poverty, but that can only happen if you accept my request by working with me. I ran for the presidency in 2017, you people didn’t vote me; I’m here again asking you this time around if you want me to bring you out of poverty then vote for your son.”

Dr. Whapoe says he is ready to help Liberians through agriculture, adding how can you have 150 plus acres of land yet you’re still living in poverty, you can change this situation,  if you provide land to start up something, I will help you provide all the materials needed to start a farm, adding the choice and decision to alleviating poverty rest on your shoulders; yourself not my choice.”

 In response, youth chairman Hamilton Yeeplah stresses the importance of technical and vocational education for the youth of the district, lamenting that they lack basic social services in their various towns and villages.

He appeals to Dr. Whapoe to help in finding solutions to the many challenges facing them, as young people.

Martha Zinc, women leader expressed excitement to have Dr. Whapoe visiting them, noting that everything he said about investing in agriculture is correct because this is the only way they improve their living conditions, instead of relying on the national government.

“We lack many things, including market ground, we also need farming materials including cutlasses, sword, among others”, Martha explains.

She also decries hardship within the district, pointing to bad roads, lack of clinic, constraining pregnant women to travel distance to get to a midwife to give birth.

“We need help; our representative hasn’t come to us since his election, and seeing Dr. Whapoe here it’s a dream that comes through for us in this town”, Martha said.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/dr-whapoe-blasts-commerce-agriculture/


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