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Dr. Whapoe picks more support in Jenewonde

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The ongoing citizen engagement of the opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe across Liberia was taken to Neimassa Clan to generate more support for his presidential bid.

Dr. Whapoe’s presidential bid received huge support from the citizens of Jenewonde Town, Grand Cape Mount County on Saturday, 10 December 2022.

Residents of the town vowed to vote for the VOLT political leader in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

Dr. Whapoe and his entourage including the Friends of Dr. Whapoe were welcomed to the town and then escorted to the town hall by several women and youth.

The engagement program was held with chiefs, religious, women, youth leaders, and heads of several organizations in attendance.

The town chief of Jenewonde welcomed Dr. Whapoe and his entourage, appreciating the presidential hopeful for his engagement with the locals.

The town chief assured Dr. Whapoe that the locals are there for him, and they know he will be there for them too. 

“We have heard more good things about you here. And we know you have come to make us benefit from those good things you are doing across the country, especially your vision for agriculture,” the town chief said.

Jenneh Massaly, Secretary General of the United Women for Self-Help, said Dr. Whapoe is the first presidential hopeful to visit their town.

“And because you have come, we will stand by you in the coming election. When we say we are for you, we are for you,” said Jenneh Massaly.

“We will work with you. We believe in agriculture and believe that through agriculture we can develop our lives,” Jenneh added.

She said Dr. Whapoe is the kind of person that they want because they are tired of people that will just give them a bag of rice which when shared, some people don’t get a portion of it.

“When we elect them at the end of the day, they abandon us. But because you have come with the vision of agriculture we will support you,” Jebbeh Sannah, former town chief of Jenewonde, remarked.

In response, presidential hopeful Dr. Jeremiah Whapoe expressed gratitude for the warmed reception accorded him and his party entourage.

He made it known to the citizens of Jenewonde town that he will contest for the presidency of the Republic of Liberia in the fast-approaching 2023 elections.

He asked the citizens for their support and assured them of his sincere commitment to transforming Liberia through innovation from cutlass to merchandized agricultural activities.

He vowed to revive the ailing economy, and create job opportunities for the thousands of unemployed, especially women and youths.

The opposition leader added that he would work to alleviate the massive suffering and extreme poverty through the creation of jobs and opportunities.

Whapoe said everybody who has land and wants to make a farm will benefit from his government. 

“I want to make sure to take you out of poverty. The main thing that is causing poverty is because we don’t produce the food we eat,” Dr. Whapoe said. 

“Because of hardship, we are not living the kind of life we want to live. I know what the women and young people are going through and it is my responsibility to relieve you from the problem you are faced with,” said Dr. Whapoe.


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