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Dr. Whapoe storms Nimba County

As Jubilant Nimbaians vow to support his presidency

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe over the weekend stormed his home county Nimba in a visit there to have an interactive dialogue with residents.

Dr. Whapoe and his team members entered Nimba County on 7 October 2021 and they were welcomed by a jubilant crowd in Kialay Town that stood by the roadside with traditional mask dancers and singers.

Elders and women in the county formed part of the crowd that welcomed Dr. Whapoe with cola nuts, as they sprinkled farina and white rice on him as a traditional way of telling him that they were happy and pleased by his visit.

The visit was in response to numerous calls and requests made by residents of Nimba County seeking to interact with their son as he eyes the highest political set in the country.

They also sought to have interaction with Dr. Whapoe in relation to his efforts in utilizing agricultural initiatives to battle poverty out of Liberia.

During the political tour and consultation visit in Nimba County, Dr. Whapoe and his team visited Kialay, Karnplay, Loelay, Behplay, Kpairplay, Vayenglay, Bearglay, and Loguatuo, among others.

He held separate town hall and community meetings with the people of Nimba to understand their plight and have an interactive dialogue with them concerning his vision for Liberia to emancipate the country through agriculture.

Speaking during the welcome ceremony, Dr. Whapoe expressed excitement and thanked his kinsmen for the warmed and jubilant welcome, noting that their presence showed that the people of Nimba are ready to lead.

“I’m tired of hearing that Nimba County is not serious and ready to produce a president. This is why I say Nimba [is] ready to lead,” said Dr. Whapoe.

“We believe that we can make President that is why I’m here as your son to tell every one of you that I’m on this journey to wage war against hunger. If you are with me, please join me,” Dr. Jeremiah Whapoe urged.

The VOLT political leader who contested and lost the 2017 presidential election, has a political manifesto based on the “agriculture revolution” which he uses to develop farmland in several counties as a means of helping Liberians to grow what they eat and eat what they grow.

Dr. Whapoe lamented that it’s shameful that before anybody becomes a Liberian president they can run to Nimba County for the residents’ support because it has the second-largest population, and yet the county itself has not been able to produce a single president.

“Those that say nothing good will come out of Nimba County, I can assure you that something good has come out of Nimba,” said Dr. Whapoe, adding that Nimba County has the potential to do better and produce a president.

“There is a great potential in Liberians and Liberia has great soil and all the resources needed to develop this country, but due to selfishness of our leaders, the country and its people are poor,” Dr. Whapoe explained.

Giving a reflection on Liberia’s past, Dr. Whapoe argued that Liberians made a mistake to have touched God’s anointed leader, the late President William R. Tolbert.

However, he said God redeemed the country due to the prayers of Liberian women who have fasted and prayed for the peace, security, and safety of the state.

He continued that after that mistake, Liberia continued again by electing, Samuel Doe and Charles Taylor, among others, who he said did evil things and committed heinous crimes against God and humanity.

Whapoe believes that together Liberians can kick the “disease of poverty” out of Liberia, noting that poverty is a complete sickness because it makes you make decisions that you don’t want and it takes away your pride and independence.

He said because of poverty Liberia has become role reversal, explaining that children are the ones providing for the families and parents no longer have control over the life of their children.

Dr. Whapoe further indicated that it’s time that the country be taken from children and be given to parents or men who are willing and ready to move beyond the ordinary for the plight of the Liberian people.

For their part, residents of Nimba said that they have resolved and are willing to support their son and make him president, adding that for too long they have given others power and they have not done anything for Nimba residents.

“We will support you, my son. We have seen you in us. You have all it takes to become president and your love for your county and country will make you president. The next time we will call you back in Nimba County we will petition you to contest in order to help us have voice and representation,” said old man Johnson Kailuriu, Town chief of Karnplay.

According to him, they feel very proud to have a son of their county who has integrity and clean character and is willing to eradicate poverty from the country through agriculture.

Old man Kailuriu disclosed as chief and elders of the nine electoral districts of Nimba County, after their consultative meeting with others, they will invite Dr. Whapoe and petition him to contest for the presidency.

“We only sent for you our son so that the other people can see you and for them to have interaction with you,” he said.

In separate remarks, Mrs. Angeli Gbateaya, Kpairplay Town Chief, Madam Mary Goma, head of Concerned Women of Behplay, and Abraham Kergor, youth chairman, said they were happy to receive Dr. Whapoe.

According to them, the youth of Nimba are finding it difficult to get access to health facilities, safe drinking water, and empowerment programs that could bring economic relief.

“All we do in this place is farming and it’s not good for us. We have no opportunity for us and our children. We have a school here but before our children get to high school, they have to go to Ganta and Karnplay,” the group said.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/dr-whapoe-demands-a-congressional-hearing/—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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