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DRU denounces tribal politics

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The Dugbe River Union of Liberia is calling on Liberians and government to abolish tribalismin local and national politics. The Union observes that tribalistic practices in local and national politics were undermining national unity, reconciliation and sustainable peace in Liberia.

According to a press release, DRU Secretary General Aaron J. Manneh made the call in a statement issued Monday in Monrovia. According to him, Liberians are ethnically diverse but opposed to tribal division because they believe that ethnic diversity is strength as opposed to tribal division.

“We strongly oppose to tribal inclination being injected in our political discourse and such must be discouraged by all patriotic citizens. This practice has the tendency to undermine our goal of lasting peace, reconciliation and national unity,” said Mr. Manneh.

As regards the ongoing tribal saga in Sinoe, his home CountyMr. Manneh said, there are too many issues confronting the county, which requires steady, experienced minded and committed individuals to solve, but to no avail owing to tribal divides.

The ex-assistant minister of Internal Affairs emphasizes that tribal divide helps nobody but hampers development, peace, reconciliation and national unity amongst an already divided people. “Tribalism must not be practiced in any form and shape and or institutionalized because it makes people feel that whenever you do and say, is being seen leaning to one particular group.” Press release

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