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DRU objects appointment in Sinoe

DRU Secretary General Aaron J. Manneh

Dugbe River Union of Sinoe County has commended President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for recent appointments made in the county, but appealed to the President to withdraw the appointment of Mr. Othello Doe Nagbe for the sake of peace and unity among the people of Sinoe county.

President Sirleaf recently appointed Moses Tuwleh as Assistant Superintendent for Development and Othello Doe Nagbe as Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs, among others in Sinoe county. But the Union in a press release described Mr. Doe Nagbe as a troublemaker and a dangerous errand man for ex-superintendent J. Milton Teahjay, now Senator for the County.

The press statement signed by DRU’s Secretary General, Mr. Aaron J. Manneh, further revealed that Mr. Doe Nagbe had generated hatred amongst members of the Sinoe Legislative caucus and citizens which is causing serious division among the people.

It therefore rejects the nomination of Senator Teahjay’s chief of office staff as Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs in Sinoe, noting that the appointment of Mr. Othello Doe Nagbe to said post would not only open wounds which were inflicted by the Teahjay’s regime but further serve as an extension of said bad administration.

DRU further laments that Mr. Nagbe’s appointment will further impede ongoing peace, reconciliation and unity amongst residents and citizens of Sinoe county. Secretary General Aaron J. Manneh said the appointment by President Sirleaf of Senator Teahjay’s chief of Office Staff throws dark clouds in the minds and hearts of many Sinoeans who consider it unacceptable.

He said the appointment poses serious threats to unity, reconciliation, peace and development in Sinoe because it serves as a recipe to opening old wounds inflicted on both the people and county by the Teahjay’s regime.

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It stressed that the management of the county funds being sources of problems over the years, a person to occupy that office must be detached from any legislative influence and manipulation. The Dugbe River Union is respectfully requesting the Liberian Senate not to confirm Mr. Othello Doe Nagbe in the interest of enhancing honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability, peace, reconciliation and unity in Sinoe County. Press statement 

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