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DRU stresses equal power and wealth,

The Dugbe River Union of Liberia is calling for even distribution of power and wealth amongst citizens and counties for progressive peace and development.

According to the union, this could be achieved by making sure minority groups are highly considered in the allocation of powers and wealth in both central and local governments.

DRU made the call in Monrovia this weekthru a press statement signed and released by its Secretary General, Aaron Manneh. Mr. Manneh stressed that minority groups in the various counties are not being given due consideration in the distribution of powers and wealth.

According to him, minority groups are not only denied leadership or job placement in both local and central governments, they are not afforded opportunities to participant in national forums.

The former Assistant Internal Affairs Minister urged both leaders and citizens to come together to promote peace and reconciliation. He said minority groups need to be given consideration in national decision making because they too, are peace loving and productive Liberians.

The DRU spokesman said minority groups have people, who are highly educated, experience and knowledgeable in both western and traditional leaderships that they could bring to the table.

He made particular reference to his home county, Sinoe, in southeast Liberia where he observed that minority groups were yet to benefit from even or equitable distribution of power and wealth.

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Manneh appealed for minority groups in the county to be highly considered in future allocations of such opportunities. However, he praised Governance Commission chair Dr. Amos Sawyer, for spearheading an ongoing peace dialogue amongst leaders of Sinoe County aimed at reconciling differences caused by in-house fighting, noting that such infighting was impeding and undermining peace, development and other opportunities for the county.

The Dugbe River Union Secretary General then called on both leaders and citizens of Sinoet o begin working together to promote genuine peace and development, stressing “We must bury our differences in order to forge ahead as a people.”

Mr. Aaron Manneh

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