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Dual Citizenship is not evil

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
Apostle Emmanuel Arthur of the Divine Faith Ministries International Church in New Georgia, outside Monrovia has strongly criticized recent statement attributed to the Chaplain General of the Liberian Senate Rev. Michael Holder in which he reportedly termed dual citizenship as “evil.”

In a three – page document dated 25 May, Apostle Arthur disagrees with Rev. Holder’s alleged assertions that dual citizenship is evil.Apostle Arthur argues that God Himself sanctions dual citizenship, urging Rev. Holder to stop what he describes as ‘dogmatic’ preaching and preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He refers the Senate Chaplain General to the beginning of the Bible in Genesis about God’s creation, the flood in the days of Noah and recalls how God drove Adam and Eve out of the garden for their sin.

Apostle Arthur says mankind became wicked because they annoyed God, causing God to destroy the earth with rain.The Liberian prelate discloses that after the rain it was Noah, his three sons and wives that came from the ark, saying God did not create any human being [additionally], meaning that all human [from that time] are from one race with one heavenly father.

He says the goal of Christians is to love one another and not to despise people who want to become citizens of Liberia, whether they are black or white.Apostle Arthur argues that dual citizenship will bring more prosperity to Liberia, claiming that it will further bring development to the country, contrary to Rev. Holder’s assertions that dual citizenship is evil.

Apostle Arthur’s document also requests the Senate Chaplain General to provide the Scriptural reference in the Holy Bible where he took his message from and delivered to the Senate.

It can be recalled that during his address to the Liberian Senate, Rev. Holder said that the dual citizenship bill before the Liberian Senate is not in the best interest of the country and its people and must not be passed into law.

The Pentecostal prelate said that the dual citizenship bill has an evil motive and if the entire country can come together and pray, said motive would be revealed.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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