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Dumpsite pollutes vaccine center

Stench smell emanating from a dumpsite at the back of the Children Vaccination Center at the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town blows through the center as health workers assigned in the department administer vaccines to babies.

Our reporter says a mountain of garbage is just right at the back of the center at the Redemption Hospital where some inhabitants of the borough of New Kru Town dump feces in plastic bags and other bad smelling wastes.

The health risk posed by the dumpsite appears alarming especially for babies that are taken there for vaccination.

The area is also used by some inhabitants and passersby to urinate while kids use the dumpsite as toilets.

It was observed that the unsanitary condition of the area is compelling people to use the back of the vaccination center as a route to go to the main entrance of the D. Twe High School and Corner West Community.

When the hospital’s administrative office was reached on the matter, an authority who failed to disclose her name confirmed the filthiness of the area.

She revealed that the problem about the filthiness at the back of the vaccination center has been an age – old problem faced by the hospital.

According to her, on several occasions authorities at the hospital have written the leadership of New Kru Town including the offices of Governor Alice Weah but no concrete action has been taken to remedy the situation.

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When Governor Alice Weah’s office was contacted on the issue, reporters were informed that the Governor was out of New Kru Town.

Meanwhile, several residents in the borough of New Kru Town are calling on the central government through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to quickly do something about the situation to avert an outbreak of disease.
By Emmanuel Mondaye –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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