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Dying robbery suspect confesses

A man suspected of being involved in an alleged robbery act, 25 – year – old Jimmy Barclay Okai has made his last confession to onlookers in his dying moments after being mobbed by some angry people in Du-port Road, Paynesville.

While suffering severe wounds on his body on Saturday morning, 23 June, Okai narrated horrible robbery stories to onlookers in the Gobarchop Community where he had been transferred after being allegedly beaten in Du-port Road by some angry crowd.

In his confession, Okai said he took part in several robbery operations, revealing that in one case he plucked the foreface of one of his victims and also bit the breast of another in an attempt to escape a robbery scene.

According to Okai, he was continuously warned by his visually impaired mother to desist from his stealing habit, but he refused to listen to her up to the day he died.
Okai recalled how he and his accomplices had carried out stealing operations in Fiaman, Sinkor, Caldwell, Bensonville and Kakata, Margibi County, forcibly taking away people’s money and other valuables with impunity.

But Okai said he sustained severe wounds from attacks carried out against him. He said a twelve – inch nail was plucked into his head and left eye.According to Okai, he lived in the 72nd Community in Paynesville, but he and three of his accomplices had gone out on their usual robbery scams when he was left in a trap while the other three unnamed suspects escaped.

Okai said he was severely flogged and wounded by community dwellers in the Bye – pass area of Du-port Road Community, following which they allegedly transferred his helpless body around the Paynesville Gobarchop Community. Pleading for assistance from onlookers to take him to hospital, Okai said God would bless them if they took him for medication.

Okai, wearing a black jacket, bled profusely for hours before he died by the roadside opposite the Gobarchop Cold Field around 11:50 am on Saturday, 23 June.He did not disclose the names of some of his accomplices before he died. A neighbor of the deceased, Mrs. Comfort Guah told reporters that the deceased usually beat his blind mother only identified as Ma Lorwo whenever she advised him.

According to Mrs. Guah, two days before Okai’s death, he flogged Ma Lorwo again.But Mrs. Guah recalls that Ma Larwo vowed that the beating she received from her son Okai was the last, saying he would never beat on any woman again. On the same day of Okai’s death, his relatives signed for his corpse, placed it in a Pick-up and drove away on the authorization of the Gobarchop Police Depot.

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By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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