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Ebola doctor appeals for blood

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A doctor assigned at a holding center in Ganta, Nimba County is urgently appealing for blood for suspected Ebola patients at the Ebola Treatment Unit in the county. Dr. Paye Gbamie said since the holding center was renovated by ArcelorMittal and subsequently turned over to the Nimba Ebola task force, blood shortage has posed a serious challenge.

He said the holding center in Ganta has 14 suspected Ebola patients, who urgently need blood transfusion. Doctor Gbamie explained that Ebola patients lose blood, adding that patients suffering from Ebola bleed profusely; so they need blood. He said some of the patients in the holding center are not from Ganta and have no family members around them to donate blood.

He said if patients have access to blood donation it will help them to overcome the virus, and appealed to residents of Nimba to go to the Ganta Hospital to donate blood. Doctor Gbamie made the appeal recently when the center received donation from the Nimba Community College.

The president of the Nimba County Community College, Dr. Yar Gonway Gono, donated food to the center. Dr. Gono stressed that Ebola is a national concern that requires the support of all Liberians to fight the virus. The Liberian educator also donated food items to suspected Ebola patients in Sanniquellie and Karnplay, respectively.

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