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Ebola not God’s punishment – Lutheran Bishop

The Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) D. Jensen Seyenkulo, has disagreed with those Liberians who hold the view that the deadly Ebola virus outbreak in the country is a punishment from God. Bishop Seyenkulo said, he disagrees with those, who in the wake of the deadly Ebola outbreak, have characterized God in ways that are contradicting the Biblical revelation of God through Jesus Christ.

The Lutheran Bishop said the God that Christians serve, is not a God that kills because of sin. The incarnation is a clear manifestation of God’s gracious character. Speaking recently in Monrovia, he said, sickness and death are part of the normal course of life since mankind fell through Adam and Eve, and there is no scriptural basis proving that people who fear and love God will not suffer.

“While it’s true that God hates sin, it’s equally true that he love sinners”, Bishop Seyenkulo said, and further argued, “To suggest that God is punishing this poor little nation because of her sins, it means that God is scared or weak to take on more powerful nations that are just as sinful, knowing the God we serve is not weak or timid.”

He said, the Lutheran Church in Liberia is concern about the deadly Ebola virus, and is cooperating with the Government of Liberia, the religious and international community in the fight against this deadly disease. Bishop Seyenkulo said, from the beginning of the virus outbreak, the LCL has been part of efforts to demonstrate the love and care of God to his people.

He said efforts made by the Action of Churches Together (ACT Alliance) reaching out to every hospitals and health centers around the country, with Ebola preventives and medical supplies.

He added that, the church has been a channel of blessing through organizations in reaching the people of Liberia during these difficult times, receiving and distributing medical supplies from partners such as Global Health Ministries, Operating Blessing International, Episcopal Relief and Development Organization, through the Episcopal Church of Liberia and others.

Other partners include the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, Church of Sudan and PROMISSIO (Danish Evangelical Mission) as well as through the LCL-ZOE AND Malaria Program, providing 240 preventive materials to orphans and vulnerable children in Kakata, Margibi County.

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Ebola awareness campaign goes to Duazon

A nonprofit organization, Hope for the Hopeless International, has launched an Ebola awareness campaign in Duazon community along the Robertsfield highway in Margibi County. As part of the national campaign to kick Ebola out of Liberia, the organization said it has joined the campaign to create awareness on the Ebola virus that is killing Liberians.

The campaign commenced from the Duazon community and is being extended to other affected counties under the theme, ‘’No More New Cases.’’  The organization, which was established in the United States of America, has a chapter in Liberia for the sole purpose of providing services in the areas of education, healthcare delivery services, and agriculture, among others.

Speaking at the launch recently, country director Frank S. Suku, told reporters  the organization was in the community to educated residents how to prevent the Ebola virus by washing hands constantly, avoid touching dead bodies and bodily fluids of infected persons. Residents of the community said, they are very grateful for the awareness exercise, which will enable them to learn prevent measures against the Ebola virus.

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