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Ebola survivor’s suffer complications

Several Ebola survivors in Zuma Town, St. Paul Bridge Community in Busrod Island are faced with health problems. Twelve years old Bobby Brown said since he survived the Ebola Virus in 2015, he cannot see well, especially when the sun gets hot.

“Whenever I wake up in the morning, I’m unable to see and get outside because of the sun, so I can go back in the house until the sun goes down. It can take very long before my eyes stop hurting, since I survived Ebola, I cannot see clearly”, Bobby explained.

With tears in his eyes, the lad said he contracted the virus from his grandfather whom he was living with. He said when his grandfather got the virus, every one of them in the house came in contact with him and got affected, lamenting that he lost his mother, father, grandfather, uncle and in total, 13 family members just from one contact – his grandfather.
Another survival, HawaJallah said she usually experiences serious headache and a very serious stomach running. She added that when her head starts to hurt at times she feels like she’s about to die, and when her stomach runs or begin to discharge watery stool, she often drinks enough Oral Rehydration Salt or ORS before her condition stabilizes.

“I contracted the Ebola virus from little Bobby’s grandfather because we were all living in the same house but for me, I was the only person that got the virus from my family, and as soon as I

got to know I had come down with the virus, I never doubted it, I got to the ETU sooner and survived it because I started treatment soon”, Hawa narrated.

For his part, the chairman of Zuma Town, who is also a survivor of the Ebola virus, Mr. Abraham Brown said he has a serious problem with his eyes, since he survived the virus he cannot see clearly.

Brown added that he cannot eat any food has sugar content because his stomach will break loose. “Whenever I tried to drink soft drink or anything that has a little sugar in it, my stomach can start to boil and from there I will not sleep, it will pain me all day and run all day. Since I left the Island Land Clinic ETU, I cannot see well, I wear dark shades everyday because I cannot see in the sun and even at times I do wear glasses”, he said.

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“When I got the virus, I walked to the Island Land Clinic myself and I told my wife and children to stay away from me, so they were safe from the virus. My brother and his three children came down with the sickness and I was the only person there to help them out but unfortunately for them, they died but I survived the virus.”

By Ethel A. Tweh

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