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Ebola survivors cry neglect

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EbolaThe President of the Ebola survivors network Patrick Sayelhas alarmed that Ebola survivors are faced with serious clinical care, and they are being denied treatment by health institutions principally because they are survivors.

Speaking to this Monday, Mr. Sayelsaidone of the survivors died in Margibi County two days ago due to kidney failure after he was denied treatment. He said survivors are suffering from various sicknesses such as eye sight, lungs, kidney and other problems.

He said whenever a survivor goes to a hospital, and that person is identified as a survivor, nurses and Doctors are afraid to administer medication. According to him, they have complained to the government, but the authorities are yet to respond.

Mr. Sayelsaid stigmatization of Ebola survivors is not prevalent in the communities or other places but health authorities deny them their right to medication. He said if an Ebola survivor goes to a hospital, he or she can only get treatment if the patient uses another name because hospitals in the country have a listing of Ebola survivors.

The Ebola survivors’ network leader stressed the need for government to respond accordingly because once they are denied treatment, it could lead to them dying gradually. He seriously frowned on the government for the delay in making sure survivors are attended to whenever anyone of them goes to hospital.

He added that with the help of PREVAIL; survivors are been treated on the effects of the Ebola Virus disease or EVD. “I came at the hospital (JFK) as an ordinary person, and I did not tell anyone here that I am an Ebola survivor or else, I would not have been treated”, Mr. Sayel disclosed.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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