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Ecobank: A Suspect At Large

As New Dawn continues its investigation in Sunday’s Ecobank’s misfortune, we have gathered that the Nigerian national whose store was used to burst into Ecobank office has taken to his heels.

“Chief, the man lives in that house you see there. Since the thing happens he has disappeared. Look, let me tell you one thing big brother but it is between you and I; he is part of this thing”, a street hacker at Redlight only known as Junior, told the New Dawn.

The Nigerian national who is only known as “Ogah”, is said to have taken the store only few weeks before the incident, and he did not put any goods in the store until the incident occurred.

“Look, me, I saw this man coming with plenty empty bags that morning. And again, listen big brother; it was around 4 in the morning that this people carried on the operation.” Another witness told the New Dawn.

Meanwhile, the total amount taken from the vault of Ecobank continues to rise. According to sources close to the investigation, the amount carried by the criminals is three thousand United States dollars.

Many people may wonder how the criminals managed to brake through the concrete wall of the Ecobank office. Well, information gathered by this paper revealed that the perpetrators of the act used acid to soften the wall, and then used a sponge on the hammer to reduce the noise before breaking the wall.

Now the question is, how these perpetrators got to know that by breaking through the wall they were going to access the vault?  Investigation continues.

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