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Ecobank Burst Into

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaA branch of Ecobank-Liberia in the commercial district of Paynesville, Redlight, outside Monrovia was a scene of dramatic act Sunday afternoon, as hundreds of curious Liberians gathered before the bank, after it was discovered that criminals burst into its vault, making away with at least US$200,000.

“I was sleeping when my sister ran in the room to call me, saying that rogues have burst Ecobank wall and taken all the money that was there. Because I am saving there, I rushed and we are here looking. They say no one should go in there,” Patience Sackie, a market woman, told the New Dawn.

According to an investigation conducted by this paper, the criminals first entered a shop belonging to a Nigerian and burst into the Lonestar-GSM office, where they took US$250,000.

From the Lone Star office, they later burst into Comium’s, where they took US$200, along with ten cartoons of scratch cards before entering the bank with which it shares the same partition (walls). Here, they burst into the vault of Ecobank, where they found and took away at least 200-thousand United States dollars.

The local branches of the Comium and Lonestar GSM companies, as well as Ecobank Liberia are all located on the ground floor of the same building, just opposite the St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and Ma Kebeh gas station within the commercial district of Paynesville, Redlight.

“What is astonishing brother is that how come people will burst three concrete walls and security is here, they did not hear anything?” Ahmadou Sanoh, an on-looking Taxi driver wondered.

When contacted for comments, the Public Relations Officer of Ecobank, Garrison, said investigations were ongoing and that he could not make any comment. He, however, promised to inform the press following the investigations.

As investigation continues, the New Dawn has gathered that the store used to burst into the three offices, has always been empty until a few weeks ago, when a Nigerian national (named not disclosed) rented it for a business with the corporate name: CEM International Limited.

How did the criminals enter the store, how did they know the exact places in the GSM offices to burst to get into the bank’s vault, and how possible is it for anyone or group of people to burst into three stores with concrete walls without being noticed are all questions to ponder over.

Ecobank-Liberia has for some times now, been plagued with burglaries and “inside stealing” at its branches and head office in Liberia.

Investigation continues.

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