Ecobank Confirms Theft at Kakata Branch

Officials at Ecobank have confirmed theft at one of its local branches in Kakata Margibi County, but said it was too early to say the magnitude of the theft.

Mr. Amos Andrews and Garrison Barh told this paper Sunday that indeed there was a reported theft at its Kakata branch but that an investigation had been launched.

Our reporter in Kakata say the theft appears to be a collaboration of an syndicate as there seems to be no visible sign of burglary.

“It was four o’clock soon this morning that we heard one of the security people crying, saying that they are beating him and carrying him away. He was calling for help but we were all afraid, so we could not go to his rescue.” An eye-witness told the New Dawn in Kakata.

So far, police in Kakata have arrested three persons who are currently undergoing investigation. “The three persons are all security personals who were responsible for guarding the building. We cannot say that they are involved, but they will give us first hand information.” Sources close to the investigation told the New Dawn in Kakata.

According to the story, the criminals did not burst any part of the bank. They are said to have used keys to enter the bank before carrying on the operation. Before leaving, they forcibly carried one member of the security guards.

“When we went to check in the morning, the doors were opened and there was no bursting mark. Some bank notes were scattered in the fence. It is the North Star Security company owed by Nimba County Senator Adulphus Dolo that is guarding the place.” The eye-witness said.

This is the second time in less than a month that ECOBANK is targeted by criminals. Last month, the branch of the bank in Paynesville was burst into by some criminals who took hundreds of thousands of United States dollars from the bank’s vault.

The frequency of these attacks on a bank which has more than fifty percent of the Liberian market is becoming worrisome. Several people questioned by this paper think this is an attack on Liberia and not only on ECOBANK.

“I don’t think we should see this as ECOBANK’s problem, no, it is all of us problem. The way these robberies are going on and government seems to do nothing to curtail it is very worrisome.” Nathaniel Williams, 45, told the New Dawn.

For Gabriel Daniels, 56, who is a customer of the bank, “it is a challenge these criminals are sending out to the government and the entire security apparatus of the country. Why until now the security has not discovered the perpetrators of the first one that took place in Paynesville? For God sake, ECOBANK is paying tax and should be protected by the government; otherwise it will scare away other potential investors.”

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