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Economy is in the toilet

Opposition Liberty Party (LP) Vice Chair Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon claims that governance issue is giving the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led – government hard time to the point that “the economy is in the toilet.”

“We get fine, fine, beautiful people in the government, but what are they doing? The economy is in the toilet. So the serious national issue is not a beauty pageant,” Dillon said Monday, 26 November when he appeared on the Costa Show.

Mr. Dillon urges President George Manneh Weah to “rethink” and find solution to the situation between him and his Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor on grounds that their conflict could affect everyone here.

He wonders how in Africa a president and the vice president would not speak to each other, urging the VIPs to see the need to grow.

He alleges that President Weah has gone as far as submitting a bill to the Legislature to cut off all the statutory functions and authority of the vice president, [in apparent reference to report that Mr. Weah is seeking legislative backing to remove oversight authority given the vice president at the National Lottery].

But Dillon warns that no investor is going to come here if they hear that there is trouble in Liberia.
The LP official wonders that with disenchantments in the country, who is going to watch Liberia either on social media or read about happenings on google with protests everyday everywhere and yet makes investment in Liberia.

He warns that “good money is afraid of bad environment,” adding that no investor is going to bring their money here under an environment that does not guarantee justice.The LP stalwart alleges that “the country is closing up, the economy is in the toilet,” but insists that “we will not flush it.”
“We will not allow the government to flush the economy in the toilet because it’s going to affect all of us,” he says.

Mr. Dillon argues that in the midst of the challenges here, government sees opposition who critique and make recommendations as “enemy of the state.”According to Mr. Dillon, President Weah in “three days” of his presidency allegedly announced that he is here for 12 years.By the alleged pronouncement, Mr. Dillon argues that the president has activated campaign mood for the next term already.

“When you say you are here for 12 years, then it means you have activated the campaign for the second term already,” Dillon argues.Based on this claim, Dillon continues that instead of working in the first term so that its results could pay the dividend for the second term, the CDC led – government has “already forgotten the priority right under their feet” but is simply looking at second term.

“The president needs to deactivate from the campaign mood. The president needs to understand that in any democracy, even in America, when government changes hands, the economy has the tendency to wait to see what happens next,” he explains.

Dillon recalls that it happened in Liberia following transition of power when investors wait to see what the new government is about to do, taking into consideration the political stability and the respect for the rule of law.But he alleges that the president decided to ignore these things and wants to do his own thing while the economy gets tougher.

By Winston W. Parley–Editing by Jonathan Browne


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