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Economy terrible for trained Liberianprofessionals.

In the wake of the commitment to encourage Liberians participate in their economy, the government of Liberia remains indebted toa consultant in the amount of over US $ 33,000for the three (3) bridges in Grand Cape Mount County. Irrespective of the projects being fully funded by the Japanese Government through its Commodity Value Fund.

It all began in the mid-part of 2014, when a veteran Liberian engineer, Professor John KpeheBoimah, PE was contracted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the county’s former superintendent Mohammed Paasewe, to provide consultancy for the construction of the 3 bridges, in ensuring that the projects meet the sound engineering standards and their safety as well.
Following the agreement between both parties, the consultant commenced work at the construction site thereby making major recommendations for changes in the project, which according to the agreement, would have expanded the lifespan of these bridges.

According to documents in our possession, Mr. Boimah who was contracted to provide supervisorial consultancy for the projects, began work on the 1st of July 2014 as the contract demanded.

In one of his communications to National Authority complaining of his balance due, Mr. Boimah expressed how committed he was to the contract, highlighting that he acceded the 9 months contracted deadline, which was slated for April 1, 2015.

“Following the end of our contract on the 1st of April 2015, I immediately withdrew my men from the construction site on the 15th, because all efforts to renew the contract failed.” he averred in his communication.

Expressing regret over how he has been treated, Mr. Boimah displayed several copies of his monthly report, highlighting one of the contractor’s failure to abide by the standardize construction practices.

“Doing the time of the contract, as part of my monthly report, I complained one of the contractors (QUEST) of their refusal to follow my advice, in other for the breach to meet its standard.” He asserted in a communication to then Superintendent of Cape Mount Mohammed Paasewe.

Struggling to receive his money, Mr. Boimah wrote several communications to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was directly address to its current Minister, Varney Sirleaf.
Regardless of his efforts, writing the county legislative caucus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Works as well as past and present superintendents of the county, there has been no response.

According to records in our possession, this is one of the many debts the government is refusing to pay Liberian professionals, including Mr. Boimah who has been a longtime consultant in Liberia.


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