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ECOWAS wants Member States to improve living conditions

By Lewis S Teh

The Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament Dr. Sidie Mohammed Tunis calls on ECOWAS Member States to improve the livelihood and living conditions of their citizens in the region.

Dr. Tunis says to improve the lives of citizens of Member States, a framework document must be drafted to clearly define where ECOWAS stands in the region.

“It is my greatest pleasure to welcome everyone to ECOWAS first parliamentary seminar in 2022, we are aware that to improve the quality of lives of people in our region to the level of our counterparts in the developed world, a framework that defines clearly where we are now as a region and where we want to be by 2050 must be developed”, Dr. Tunis says here in Monrovia.

He continues that the vision in this context means creating multiple development strategies and integrated approaches for reaching goals, noting that is why ECOWAS authorities and governments adopted Vision 2050 at a community ordinary session held in Abuja, Nigeria quite recently.

He explains the vision includes community of people integrated in a peaceful and prosperous region with strong institutions that respect fundamental freedom and work for inclusive and sustainable development.

Dr. Tunis stresses that the vision is accompanied by peace and prosperity for all Member States to make significant efforts in improving lives of people in the region.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s Minister of Commerce and Industry Mawine Diggs, who proxy for President George Weah at the seminar here, challenged the regional parliament to develop a framework document that will make a meaningful impact across the region.

Minister Diggs says the seminar in Monrovia seeks to ensure the Parliament is clearly integrated in the formulation of the next development agenda of the regional body under Vision 2050.

She says the Parliament has already rendered its opinion on the draft vision adapted by the Authorities and Heads of State and Governments, adding that the seminar, therefore, provides another opportunity for members to further understand the vision and contribute positively towards its realization.

According to her, the ECOWAS Vision 2050 has been crafted with the intent to consolidate progress made and transform ECOWAS from a community of States to a community of people fully integrated into a peaceful and prosperous region with strong institutions that respect fundamental freedom and work for inclusive sustainable development.

Minister Diggs: “The vision 2050 documents represent a framework that is expected to make a huge impact around the region and it’s expected to address policymakers as well adopt a program in a secure, stable and peaceful region.”

The ECOWAS parliamentary seminar is taking place in Monrovia at the time the region is battling series of military takeovers in neighboring countries across the region.

At the end of the session, it’s expected that the regional body will adopt a framework document to address pressing issues confronting the region and work towards improving the livelihood and well-being of citizens in Member States. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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