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Editorial: A Tribute for Progress on Graduation Day

This year’s graduation will be remembered in the recent history of the University of Liberia, the country’s premium state university. For the first time in about 20 years, the University has been able to execute its commencement exercises without hindrances, since reopening its doors to thousands of Liberians and other nationals in 1991.


Within these two decades, students were enrolled at the UL for duration of between five-ten years before their graduation due to internal and external crisis. But today, December 22, 2010 marks a different beginning in the institution’s history.

More than 2000 men and women, after years of difficulties in undergoing their academic sojourn, will be proud recipients of degrees in various areas of discipline at the under and post-graduate levels.

Unlike the previous graduations, this commencement convocation is a result of the measures instituted by the new UL Administration headed by the \president, Dr. Emmet Dennis, including the two-week duration to issue clearances to all who met graduation requirements.

While we hail Dr. Dennis and the rest of the folks at the University of Liberia for restoring hope to thousands of students, parents, guardians and sponsors, we do not wish to suggest that past presidents of the UL did not do well.

We are very cognizant of the fact that the days of Dennis’ predecessors at “Lux en Tender bris” were characterized by both political and financial crisis, as well as the intermittent civil wars which devastated the institution in its entirety to include its facilities.

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We remember vividly, the many struggles and hurdles past Presidents of the University of Liberia underwent to reopen and keep its doors opened for about two decades.

That today we can all boast of the regularization of academic activities at the UL, we must extend our heartfelt gratitude to all former Presidents, faculty members and support staff for their many and tireless sacrifices  to ensure that the University of Liberia continues to remain the “Light In Darkness.”

We believe that had it not been for such endeavors by these people, Dr. Emmett Dennis would not have been a proud President of that institution today. May we also strike a balance by appreciating the efforts of the Government of Liberia and its international partners for the high level of cordiality and cooperation with the authorities there. Such cordiality and cooperation are manifested in their endless contributions in all forms, including cash.

We cannot wait to mention the multi-million dollar effort of the Government of the People’s Republic of China on the  Fendell campus of the University of Liberia. The Government’s budgetary allotment cannot even be overemphasized.

And as  Dr. Dennis keeps focused and makes progress  in providing the enabling academic environment at the University, we also  admonished the Government of Liberia and its partners to never despair, but continue to persevere in the interest of the University.

To our brothers and sisters walking out of the walls of the University of Liberia today, you must be a true representation of the “ Light In Darkness” not  only by  the ‘paper’ called degree you carry, but your action, utterances and moral characters wherever you find yourselves in the various sectors of society.

Congratulations To You, And Here Comes The World!!


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