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Editorial: Avoid ‘Finger-Pointing’, Morlu!

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The former Auditor General of Liberia, John Morlu, II recently addressed as keynote speaker hundreds of partisans and officials of the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC during its USA Inauguration and Institutional reform through Reconciliation. He highlighted a number of issues, including the nature of the ruling Unity Party, nepotism and corruption, as well as the decision by Justice Minister Christiana Tah to halt the recent demonstration staged by the CDC in Monrovia, among others.

In his address, former AG Morlu described the ruling Unity party as a  Coalition of interest,, only formed for the purpose of supporting incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to divide what he referred to as ‘the national cake’ among themselves.

“That is it! And when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is no longer a factor, the Coalition of Interests will be divided. LAP will go back to LAP, LUP will go back to LUP, LPP will go back to LPP, and UPP will go back to UPP. UP will remain an empty shell as it was before Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,”  Morlu told his audience.

While AG Morlu may be entitled to his opinion on issues of national concern giving the Constitutional backing, his utterances, many a time, seem not to be his true representation. Comments emanating from sometimes  sound very realistic and ‘people-centred’, but whether he’s someone to trust in consonance with his patriotic remarks is just anybody’s guess.

Mr. John Morlu can, in no way, divorce himself from the ‘Coalition of interest’ he claimed the ruling Unity Party is. As a matter of fact, while attempting to seek favour from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf,  Morlu became a spokesperson not only for the President, but also the very ruling Unity Party through his articles from the United States published in a number of Liberian Newspapers. Morlu, in 2004/2005, attacked anyone or Liberian journalist who was critical of President Sirleaf and UP in the strongest terms with the primary objective of winning favour from the President  for his share of the very national cake ( Auditor-General of the General Auditing Commission or GAC). Placing all of his degrees, diplomas and certificates at the top his articles in favour of Madam Sirleaf and the Unity Party to attract attentions, Morlu finally succeeded as a member of the “Coalition of Interest”.

Those who worked and one way or the other associated with the GAC would further disagree with him on the issues of nepotism and corruption, knowing deeds at the commission. Personnel who did not speak his language or feed him with misinformation, though qualified, were disregarded and placed below the favoured because he had the power to do so. This also applied to salaries and benefits.

With these foregoing minuses, how can Morlu claim to have the moral rectitude over others?  How can he make the mighty Congress for Democratic Change or CDC a good home after exercising nepotism and corruption at the GAC and breaking away from the ‘Coalition of interest? Can well-meaning CDCians really trust him? What does he really want-Presidency-Vice Presidency of Liberia or what?

For John Morlu to point accusing fingers means he must be free of all of the vices mentioned by him against others. It is an agreeable fact that the former Auditor-General of Liberia is a very progressive and smart young man with ambitions; but to use others as scapegoats whereby he makes no difference is something puzzling.

Morlu could do very well in Liberia should he have any political ambition, if  he were to avoid the negative path on which he continues to thrive in Liberian politics. He must truly graduate from negatively ‘pointing his fingers because the rest are also pointing at him’.

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