Editorial: Boakai has failed to demonstrate leadership

If former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s Laissez-faire leadership style in the Collaborating Political Parties that has left the CPP disintegrated is what he expects to bring to the Liberian Presidency, he should just as well abandon his dream of becoming President of Liberia. The Liberian people are not interested in a president that will faint over crisis.

It seems that throughout his political career, Ambassador Boakai has never led from the front or taken charge of circumstances that beset his leadership. And this was evidenced when he kept conspicuously silent over the expulsion of chairman emeritus Wilmot Paye from the Unity Party even after Paye did everything humanly possible as chair and took the UP to elections in 2017, coming second in the race for the presidency.

Today, Oldman Boakai has brought this same Laissez-faire leadership style to the CPP where he seems not to be bothered at all, by the disintegration of the Collaboration under his very watch with the All Liberian Party (ALP), a constituent party, pulling out, needless to speak of intervening as Chairman of the CPP in stopping the ALP from taking the Alternative National Congress to court.

But he is so obsessed with the ambition, at nearly 80, of being on the ballot for the Presidency thru whatever means and manner than to mend the broken pieces of a group he chairs. Too sad that personal greed and selfish motives have blinded the man that many Liberians look up to as one of the elders of the land.

Even with the late Counselor, Charles Walker Brumskine’s Liberty Party split right in the middle, and one of the splinter groups pledging loyal to him for the Presidency, Oldman Boakai is comfortable and careless of making any effort to unite the LP.

Tearfully, it took the daughter of the later Cllr. Brumskine, Miss Charleslyn Brumskine, to call for reconciliation and unity in the Liberty Party. Oldman Boakai is not troubled at all by these leadership tests. He is visibly preoccupied with his quest to become Liberia’s next President.

Many Liberians wonder if Boakai can expose his leadership deficits at these levels, not being able to lead four Collaboration Political Parties or resolve internal differences, can he be entrusted with an entire country plagued by political, economic, cultural, religious and social complexities?

It is important that Liberian voters begin now to read into these inadequacies rather than just allow themselves to get swayed by the euphoria that because Oldman Boakai is a former Vice President and was in government for over 40 years, he can be an effective president if elected.

We Liberians should realize that each time we go to the ballot box and give our votes overwhelmingly to a candidate for the Presidency, it is decision that comes with consequences we should be prepared to bear. Each time we complain about bad governance and ineptitude afterwards it is just fair enough that we blame ourselves for the decisions we make as citizens.

From all indications, if Boakai honestly wants to be the next President of Liberia, he should start demonstrating exemplary leadership by being proactive and taking charge rather than leading from the back and watching situations degenerate before his eyes.


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