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Editorial: Cabinet Rearrangement: A Welcome Decision, Madam President, But…

Reports of eminent cabinet rearrangement, including reshuffle and dismissal have again resurfaced in the Liberian media. Even though there had been initial denial of the cabinet reshuffle by the executive Mansion and a few cabinet ministers following the publication of the story a few weeks ago by the New Dawn-Liberia, ,this latest news released by the Liberian Presidency  is just a confirmation of what this paper reported.

In its confirmation of the story on Monday, the Presidency vowed to undertake sweeping actions ranging from transfer, reshuffle to dismissals, in consonance with ongoing review of the performance and output of public officials initially anticipated for evaluation in June and December of 2013.

But Executive Mansion Spokesman Jerolinmick Piah noted Monday during a news conference that the President’s decision to cut short the schedule for the review of the performance and output of her official family was geared towards enhancing effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.  In the contracts between the President of Liberia and her cabinet ministers (as well as other officials of government), there were specific targets and goals to be achieved.

It is an open secret that President Sirleaf may be dissatisfy and discourage by the way some of her officials may be “doing things at the various places of work” in government ranging from actual duties and function to poor personnel relations. While public support for the President’s decision may be overwhelming, especially amidst continued public outcry over the performance of most of her officials, as well as allegations of corruption engulfing their activities at the respective ministries and agencies, there may still be skepticism about how genuine and possible  is her decision  considering the numerous relationships and other forms of connections in the government.

Owing to the fact that there may be forces of all sorts interplaying within the corridors of the Liberian Presidency to attract favors and other forms of attentions to solidify and sustain various positions in the administration, the President may just shift her officials from one ministry or agency to another as was done during her first term under the guise of reshuffle.

Let it not be misconstrued that the New Dawn-Liberia opts for the worst for cabinet ministers and other officials of government-not at all; but in a situation where in  several public officials may be using the media  to create inflated impressions whereby they are under-performing against goals and targets set by the presidency, thus undermining her efforts, especially in this second term, her decision for reshuffle or dismissal must be overwhelmingly welcomed by all well-meaning Liberians. After all, it is President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to blame as head of government at the end of the day.

Therefore, upon finally realizing that some of her official family members may not be up to the tasks of national renewal or reconstruction as she believes, she must now act expeditiously to once again rekindle the hope and aspirations of the people of Liberia. The President’s decision is welcomed not only in the interest of the nation’s development, but her dream to leave behind an indelible legacy.

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