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Editorial: Cherishing Sino-Liberian Relations

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The People’s Republic of China has again reiterated its commitment to upholding the cordial ties subsisting between it and the Republic of Liberia. This is neither the first, second nor the third time such commitment is being reaffirmed by this caring nation. Considering the endless and tangible contributions of the PRC to the reconstruction of Liberia following years of fratricidal civil unrests, Liberians do have no cause to doubt such commitment because China is always pragmatic in its promises.

Among the numerous achievements in the friendship since Sino-Liberian Relations was restored in 2003 are the construction at the University of Liberia Fendall Campus, the new Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Complex in Congo Town, the Agriculture Research Complex at the Central Agriculture Research institute in Suacoco, Bong County, as well as the proposed administrative complex to house a number of government ministries and agencies.

More interestingly, Liberia’s human resource development is also one major area in which the People’s Republic of China has scored very high marks in this friendship. It is important to note that many Liberians, including journalists, have had opportunities to study, train or build their capacities in various professional disciplines at universities/colleges and other institutions in China. Unlike others, all of these assistance/opportunities either have been or continue to be of no costs to the Liberia or have no strings attached-truly indeed, the word cordiality being manifested in such relations.

This is why when the outgoing Defense Attache’ at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Senior Colonel Liu Shengli reiterated the maintenance of the strong bond of friendship between Liberia and China, beneficiaries of that country’s assistance, including government officials attending his farewell ceremony on Tuesday at the Embassy in Congo Town stormed the Multipurpose Hall with endless thunderous applauses.

Being cognizant of what China has done and continues to do for Liberia and Liberians, they were simply showing heartfelt gratitude with high hope and expectations in the future. We, too, appreciate these efforts and opportunities from the Government and Peoples of China with high commendations.

As we join other Liberians in bidding the outgoing Defense Attache’ of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Senior Colonel Liu Shengli farewell, let’s also wish Mr. Ambassador and staff of the Embassy a happy and memorable stay in Liberia as they strive to further cement the friendship between Liberia and China.

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