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Editorial: Dreaming a new Liberia

Outgoing United States Ambassador Michael McCarthy, who ends his mission here in barely two weeks has projected a new Liberia in which the potentials of its citizens and resources would be utilized for future growth and prosperity.

Mr. McCarthy observed that if there is one reoccurring theme that unites every visitor to Liberia is the sense of the country’s enormous potential with so many reasons for hope towards a forward march.

However, speaking last Thursday, June 29, 2023, in Monrovia at ceremony to commemorate America’s 247th Anniversary Ambassador McCarthy underscored that Liberia can have a bright future if it so chooses but it will require substantial follow-through on issues he outlined, including peaceful, free and fair elections that are just two months away.

He added that one of the main goals of the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia and the reason it continues to provide the country support across various sectors, including health, education, business, and political leadership is to see a more prosperous Liberia.

But do Liberians realize their own potential and resources that God has endowed this country with and how to channel them in turning the wheels of poverty, disease, degradation, and illiteracy around to enjoy prosperity and growth or do we prefer walloping in the vices that have kept us in a vicious cycle of stagnation?

We believe the ambassador’s remarks are a wakeup call to all Liberians to rise from their slumber and dream the kind of country they envisage for themselves in the next four decades or more to improve their personal and general well-being as a nation.

Envisioning for ourselves the kind of country we desire is the first step to making changes in our national life. Capacity may pose a challenge for now, but if we can only develop the youthful population that God has blessed the country with, a lot could be achieved to attain prosperity and growth that have eluded this country since the 70s and 80s.

As Liberia’s traditional partner, we believe the United States is prepared to do much more in providing assistance only if we can get our acts together as a people, willing to make sacrifices. Prosperity and growth will not come wrapped in silver plate but with hard work.

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It goes beyond just changing leadership at the ballot box, but demonstrating love for country thru service.

With the return to the country of 13 Peace Corps Volunteers after three years of absence because of COVID-19, Liberia stands to benefit if only we tap from their expertise in various sectors.

We believe strongly that the new Liberia that Ambassador McCarthy talked about is in reach if all Liberians put hands on deck and shun mediocrity, lip service, greed and selfish bickering, putting interest of the common good in all that we do.

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