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Editorial: Govt.’s 100-Day Action Plan is with good intention

It may have been challenged by the deadline, but the Government of Liberia’s 100-Day Action Plan or 100-Day Deliverable is, by any account, with good intentions despite criticism of being behind schedule.

 President Joseph Nyuma Boakai committed to carrying out a number of interventions in critical priority sectors within his first 100 days in office to create immediate relief and restore citizens’ confidence in his government, which campaigned with a promise to rescue Liberia from total collapse due to bad governance.

The president sought to achieve just this fulfillment in his first 100 days in office, but exogenous circumstances, including delay in forming his government and submission of the national budget to the 55th Legislature, among others, slowed the pace of work.

Notwithstanding, the administration seems determined to fulfill all programs in the 100-Day Action Plan, as an assessment report released recently by the government after the first 100 days details completed, ongoing, and pending projects sector by sector.

This level of frankness or transparency does not indicate, in any measure, that the government is bent on paying lip service to issues that confront the citizenry, especially challenges related to roads, electricity, agriculture, governance, rule of law, and youth development.

Critics and doomsayers have the right to say whatever they want about the Plan, but the truth is it is well on course and not in the toilet. Time and money constraints have been key bottlenecks impeding the implementation of the 100-Day Deliverable.

However, the minimum successes achieved, announced in some sectors such as administration, sanitation, and the environment, as well as education and health, are enough reasons for Liberians to cooperate with the government in achieving full execution of programs outlined in the 100-Day Action Plan.

The government says the strategic design of the Plan was based on a deep understanding of the current governance and microeconomic situation and challenges that needed immediate action, so it could not have waited until all implements were in place.

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 Therefore, President Boakai had no option but to dare by starting something until full detail and resources are available especially in an exercise that was time-bond.

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf once rallied Liberians to think big. She underscored that it is not big enough if your dream does not scare you. No one knows this perhaps more than President Boakai, who served twice as Vice President under Madam Sirleaf before becoming President.

So, all well-meaning Liberians would say the President was not out of his mind when he announced the 100-Day Deliverable. As the government has acknowledged, he was fully aware of challenges along the way. But the good news is well-intentioned, which no patriotic citizen can dispute.

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