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Editorial: Hailing National Oration as Voice of Reasoning

Thursday, July 26, 2012 Liberians across the country celebrated the nation’s hundredth and sixty-fifth Independence. In Monrovia, the official program under the auspices of the Government of Liberia befitting the day was held under the theme “Transformation of the Legacy of Development and Democracy”.

At the core of his National Independence Day Oration in Monrovia, Liberian Historian and Politician D. Elwood Dunn emphasized ‘unity’ as the only way forward for Liberia’s progress and development, urging the people of Liberia and residents alike to “solemnly resolve” to unite to build a stronger Liberia.

“And so, Madam President, my fellow Liberians and friends, Let us then, solemnly resolve, once and for all, in this place and at this time, to reunite our country, to renew our country’s promise to build a stronger Liberia.”

The National Orator, serving in that capacity for the second time since 1979, admonished  Liberians to build against the backdrop of their cripple heritage, linking today’s Liberia to yesterday, in mustering the courage to change the country or build a modern African nation that participates fully in the African renaissance and remains opened to wholesome and contemporary global and cultural experience.

The greatest challenge given to Liberians by National Orator was the reinforcement of the national foundation from their common heritage so that in 35 years’ time, when Liberia moves into its third century of nationhood. Dr. Dunn’s hope for Liberia was genuine progress toward fulfilling the national promise to establish justice, ensure domestic progress and promote general welfare of its people.

Again, such genuine progress is only possible with national reconciliation and unity among Liberians, as well as the political will of the administration. While we wholeheartedly believe in President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s leadership ability to foster such national healing and progress, public officials on whom she relies in making such progress a reality must also exercise the highest degree of sincerity and not engage in mere public relations spree as a way of creating the impressions that our country is on the path of national hailing (reconciliation) and progress.

As we all listened succinctly and applauded National Orator Elwood Dunn for such patriotic message, it is now incumbent upon us all to ‘digest’  its contents, relating our past to the present, in order to envisage our future and those of our children and children’s children.

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As we hail Orator Elwood Dunn in his attempts to provide a sense of direction for us, the President’s call for us Liberians, wherever we are, to join the transformation process must also be welcomed. After all, her role is to provide the national leadership, while ours is to ensure that our minds and attitudes are changed towards ourselves, our leaders and our country.

Until we realize that LIBERIA is the only country we have and that we must all work assiduously to develop it, we are bound to remain where we are and continue the blame-game. We at the New Dawn-Liberia once more commend Dr. D. Elwood Dunn for such great patriotic message.

Truly, his Oration was a voice of reasoning.

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