Editorial: Helping MCC and Others to Preserve Our Health and Our Lives

Like other nations around the world, Liberia is at the core of preparedness for this year’s Festive Season, most especially the celebration of Christ Jesus-the King of all kings. Annually and as a matter of tradition, preparations for such auspicious and religiously festive celebrations are characterized not only by the usual pomp and pageantry, but clean and conducive environment. It is in consonance with this and its ordinance that the Monrovia City Corporation or MCC continues to ensure a high level of decency for the Liberian Capital. And as a mark of honor and respect for Christmas, the need for residents to clean and beautify Monrovia cannot be over-emphasized.

This is why the Monrovia City Corporation, through its Mayor, Madam Mary Taryennoh Broh is cautiously warning citizens and residents of Monrovia and its environs to give their environments, including homes a face-lift or face the raft of the MCC with a fine of US$150.00. Such warning also applies to business houses and buildings housing government ministries and agencies, because Mayor Broh has already vowed to stringently enforce the city ordinances without fear or favor.

The Monrovia City ordinances, among others, emphasize the need for the cleanliness of the city, business houses and workplaces. At the moment, the Mayor of the City of Monrovia and staff are on a vigorous campaign in and around the city to ensure compliance to the mandate of the MCC. While Mary Broh and her Monrovia City Corporation may statutorily be empowered to clean and beautify the city at all times, including this Festive Season, it is also incumbent upon us all to be well abreast of the fact that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  For our own safety and well-being, our consciences must always remind us about the need to always clean our ‘yards, homes and keep our houses painted’.

In as much as the MCC is responsible for Monrovia and its environs just as the Paynesville City Corporation and others are in other municipalities of Liberia, amalgamating our efforts as citizens and residents with theirs would certainly help to beautify and preserve the structures, streets and environments, but our health and lives.

We need no warnings; we need no threats of any sort; we need not to be pacified; and we need not to be compensated neither by our lord mayors before realizing that we must clean our environments and our homes. Mayor Broh and other mayors could only serve as stimulus for our internal and external hygiene services. Unless we as citizens and residents are not cognizant of the foregoing, then of course, the city ordinances will have to be enforced to the latter. As we commend Mayor Broh and the MCC, as well as other corporations for keeping our cities clean, we admonish us all to also join their efforts in helping ourselves by undertaking initiatives to always have our environments clean.

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