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Editorial: Let’s Find A Way Forward

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Unfortunate incident in Monrovia involving violent clashes between security forces and partisans of the opposing Congress for Democratic Change or CDC that left one person reportedly killed and several others injured could have been avoided.

We totally regret the death of a Liberian no matter the circumstances or which part of the political divide he came from. That a fellow citizen reportedly in his 20s lost his life in a political party standoff with the police just on the eve of a crucial runoff presidential election tend to dampen our path to a peaceful democratic process.

The Government of Liberia through the Justice Ministry has promised full investigation into the incident in order to bring those responsible to book. We urge the government to proceed expeditiously with the probe so as to halt the blame-shifting.

In this light, we encourage the leadership of the Congress for Democratic Change to cooperate with the government in order to get to the bottom of what really transpired in Monrovia on Monday that led to the loss of a fellow citizen. We strongly believe that cooperation in this process is important in finding a way forward in our journey to peace, stability, reconciliation, economic prosperity and growth.

It is important that the leadership of the CDC avails itself to the process in order to provide proper account for the investigation. That’s the beginning of demonstrating leadership for those hundreds of thousands of citizens who subscribe to the ideology of the party.

We need not overemphasized this, but the way forward is the rightful path to pursue. Liberians are not prepared to rewind the country to violence and destruction. Too many lives were lost during our 14-year conflict when our young people were denied an opportunity to develop their full potentials.

The signing of a peace accord in Accra, Ghana in 2003 provided us this opportunity with the help of the international community to reach to where we are today, talking about pluralistic democracy. As Liberians, we must be responsible enough to make some sacrifices in keeping the peace that has provided us the space to exercise our political franchise.

In all of these, the government should consider reconciliation as key in resolving the current standoff with the opposition CDC. This is why we welcome President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s condemnation of the November 7 violence in Monrovia.

Honestly, it is fundamental that politics aside, the government and the CDC work together in resolving all differences to reconcile the citizenry rather than play cat and mouse game at the expense of innocent lives.

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