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Editorial: Minister Isaac Doe, the woman beater

Editorial: News that the deputy minister for youth development at the ministry of youth and sports Isaac Doe, brutally assaulted a woman believed to be his girlfriend over the weekend is despicable and highly disappointing. How disgusting it is that a senior official of the Weah administration would go to this extent of disgracing womanhood in public!

This uncouth act by the talk show personality clearly contradicts the character he portrays on the famous Spoontalk, as an ardent supporter and promoter of good mannerism, good governance and respect for human dignity, especially women.

According to a Frontpageafrica’s publication, the CEO of Spoon Communication, Stanton Witherspoon, has with immediate effect, suspended Mr. Isaac Doe from the live panel show, pending a full investigation of the matter.

However, the government in Monrovia seems to be conspicuously silent on the issue except for Minister Doe’s immediate boss, Minister Zeogar Wilson, who has reportedly acknowledged the incident, but disclosed that calls placed to Doe went unanswered. Mr. Wilson is also quoted as saying there has been no official complaint filed against his deputy Doe but condemned the act.

The CDC-led government is an interesting government. It screams and condemns one sin in public and attempts to hide another, as was clearly demonstrated in January when a book that contains sexually explicit comments against First Lady Clar Marie Weah and Liberian women was co-authored by Mr. Isaac Vah Tukpa, the former chief of staff to the leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings. Mr. Cummings himself condemned that in public and immediately parted company with Tukpa.

Gender minister Whillimena Saydee Tarr immediately took the airwave and rallied women to condemn and protest against the author, while President Weah’s special aide, Sekou Dareme and others called for prosecution.

The book is a written assault against the First Family and women of Liberia generally, but the incident involving deputy minister Isaac Doe is a physical attack against a woman that leaves inflicted bruises.

Since the newspaper publication Monday, Feb. 28, 2022, the government is yet to make an official comment against the minister for bringing his office to public ridicule by publicly assaulting a woman without any remorse.

The situation involving minister Doe would not have attracted so much public attention had he not been an official of government, who ought to set good examples. We wonder what message is he sending to his children, if he has any, and to children of Liberia by reportedly beating and inflicting bruises on a woman that is supposedly his girlfriend?

We call on the Ministry of Gender, women groups such as the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia, and all those against sexual and gender-based violence to condemn the act and bring Minister Isaac Doe to book for physically assaulting a woman. Besides, he should be suspended immediately, pending full investigation to serve as a deterrence.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/gender-condemns-author-isaac-vah-tukpah/       


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