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Editorial- Narrowing Reconciliation Is A Threat

The process of national reconciliation is supposedly ongoing among Liberian political leaders.

Even though emphasized by ECOWAS, AU and other local and international organizations observing the November 8, 2011 Run-off Presidential election, the process was officially announced by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf following the announcement of the results by the National Elections Commission.

Since then, the President has had a number of dialogues with some political leaders, including the leaders of the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC, Ambassadors Winston A. Tubman and George M. Weah in Monrovia.

Of late, an announcement emerging from the Office of the President of Liberia has been mentioning a joint committee of Unity Party and CDC officials meeting to work out the ‘technical details’ of the closed doors discussions between the leaders of the CDC and President Sirleaf.

Though the general information about the meetings has to do with the process of national reconciliation, speculations are also that “jobs and money” for the CDC are at the core of the discussions between the two parties.

While the ongoing process under the auspices of the Liberian Presidency is welcomed, it must be understood that the process of national reconciliation must also be from a holistic perspective. Reducing the process to a “CDC-UP affair” only suggests not only a post-election political dialogue, but an unrealistic and achievable approach to the process.

When there are thousands and thousands of Liberians who may be one way or the other aggrieved as a result of being socio-economically and politically deprived since 2005 (if we should just consider this period), Weah and Tubman are only being given preferential treatment over all others. This may not only be considered as an injustice or disservice to the process, but a complete lip-service tantamount to deepening the socio-economic and political wounds sustained by the rest of the Liberian people.

It is an open secret that this is what Weah and his CDC had earlier anticipated long before the 2011 elections as evidenced by the Alan Whyte Agreement signed in Maryland, the United States, being very cognizant of their own political and economic inadequacies.

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With no fear or favor, it is now a full-grown conclusion that the CDC and George Weah, with Cllr. Tubman under their shadows, intentionally became politically and violently disgruntle during the November Presidential Run-off election knowing fully that they would in deed reach this far wherein compromises would be made.

Most puzzling about these meetings between the CDC leadership and Executive Mansion is that the message may not be filtering down to the ordinary ‘CDCians” who continue to receive false hope from their leaders, making them to live with the illusion of such hope.

While again these efforts by President Sirleaf  must be appreciated by all, it must not equally be directed at satisfying the personal desires of Weah, Tubman and a few others within CDC, but the disabled, the marginalized, the abandoned, the jobless, as well as many Liberians who may one way or the other be hurt. National reconciliation must not be narrowed to Weah, Tubman and their CDC, as doing so would be a serious threat to achieving its holistic objective(s).

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