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Editorial – Our Re-commitment to Sustaining the Peace (Pt. II)

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Tuesday, October 11 marks another day in the history of Liberia. More than 1.7 million registered Liberian voters will gather at various polling centers around the country to choose the country’s next President, representatives and senators. It is no doubt that in such decision-making exercise, the role of the Liberian media will continue to be pivotal.

Despite efforts by the leadership of the Press Union of Liberia and Executive Director of the Liberia Media Center to demonize and crucify the media, it is important that we play a role to make our elections under the stalwartship of Chairman James Fromayan et al at the National Elections Commission credible and that the outcome of the polls would be recognized not only in our country, but also the West African Community and the world-over.

By so doing, we urge all of us to follow the rules of the game as drawn up by NEC as we report the news on the conduct of Tuesday’s general and presidential elections, placing Liberia at the core of our activities. In view of the foregoing, the urgent need for the observance of accuracy and other journalistic rudiments on the field of work must be emphasized.

We must disregard the high hypocrisy and sycophancy discharged against us by the PUL Leadership and LMC Director in recent times as a result of self-aggrandizement and focus on sustaining the peace we all enjoy today, through the assistance of the international community, including ECOWAS, UN, the EU and the United States.

Our reportage of the true nature of the elections devoid of all odds will in no doubt present a true picture of this democratic transition for the first time in our country’s history. While our people in and out of here greatly rely on the information from us on the field, it is also incumbent upon us  as media practitioners and agenda setters to keep their hope for greater democracy, peace and development alive by reporting accurately and credibly.

We must continue to resist, through the observance of our code of ethics and elections code, any and all attempts by our detractors, including the current PUL Leadership and LMC Director to subject us to public ridicule to attract more funding for their selfish interests under the guise of capacity building and media development.

Again, our emphasis must be free, fair, transparent and peaceful elections, including ballot counting because at the end of it all, it is LIBERIA that benefits. So, let’s do ourselves and country justice as we cover the 2011 general and presidential elections on Tuesday, October 11 through balanced, credible and timely coverage and reporting.

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