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Editorial: Police hasty conclusion undermines justice

Editorial: Barely three days after the lifeless body of 25- year-old Princess Cooper was discovered in a pool of blood in the compound of Fawar Construction Material Store at ELWA Junction in Paynesville, the Liberia National Police has ruled out foul play much to the consternation of the public. 

Police spokesman Moses Carter says initial examination conducted on the corpse of the late Princess Cooper inside the mortuary of the John F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia indicate no laceration or bruises, yet he discloses that several persons, including employees and security officers at the facility where the remains of the girl were discovered, are being interrogated at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police.

We think Police investigators are being hasty in releasing a definitive statement, while interrogations are still ongoing. The Police should investigate thoroughly before completely ruling out foul play in the death of Princess.

It would be better that the Police go to the bottom of the death rather than frowning at social media users for speculating. There are always speculations and there would always be speculations when such mysterious deaths occurred, as it had happened in the past.

But a thorough and professional investigation will unravel the facts and disperse hearsays. It is possible that fresh clues could be discovered as investigation continues that may change the earlier narrative.

The public is asking how come a 25-year-old woman would leave her Tweh Farm residence on Bushrod Island only to be discovered dead, lying in a pool of blood in a public place such as the compound of the Fawar Construction Material Store at ELWA Junction in Paynesville? Who did she go to or interact with inside the compound before her sudden death? Was she a frequent visitor there prior to the incident?

There are more questions than answers. It is not enough for the Police to say no foul play. Death cannot be only determined by laceration or bruises which are physical evidence. There could be more to that than the naked eyes can see.

When investigations are shadowed, they create room for doubts and suspicions that need to be addressed hence, the Police as a professional institution is obliged to do a thorough job before coming to the public.

It is in the interest of the State to do so in order to allay fear and sense of insecurity that keeps society restless. Liberians do not deserve a restless society. They want to live in a peaceful and secure environment.

A safe society does not only guarantee peace and security but promotes good business atmosphere that this country needs desperately.


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