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Editorial: Resignation and Dismissal Not Enough

With six months into its second term, the Executive Mansion appears to be stamping its feet to the ground by beginning to weed out elements in the government whose performances may not be compatible with its administrative belief. The first casualties of such executive action are the Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director for technical Services of the Liberia water and Sewer Corporation or LWSC.

In our thinking judging from the tone of President Ellen Sirleaf’s communication, Managing Director Nortu Jappah may have been asked to “resigned honorably” his post on July 5, 2012  due to administrative ineptitude, while his Deputy for Technical Services, Elmos B. Glay was dismissed for similar reason (dismal performance).

“I accept your resignation, while expressing great disappointment that you were unable to set the example and provide the leadership that would have enable LWSC to meet our operational goals,” noted a release from the Executive Mansion quoting President Sirleaf.

According to the President, Glay was sacked in keeping Article 56a of the Liberian Constitution, adding that the decision was based on a recommendation from the Board of Directors of the Corporation who had determined that he failed to perform satisfactorily, causing the entity’s inability to meet the operational targets of delivery of water to the citizens and residents of Monrovia.

While we accept the foregoing justifications given by the LWSC Board and Executive Mansion as a ‘diplomatic language’, the fact remains that the two were solely responsible for the importation of substandard pipes and chemicals *which they said cost US$1M)  intended for the upgrading of the corporation’s Whiteplains facilities as officially announced in May this year.

Logically thinking, Mr. Jappah, knowingly being cognizant of whatever may have led  to the purchasing of substandard pipes and chemicals and given the above mentioned justifications provided by the Board and President, should have faced the same public dismissal as his Deputy, Mr. Glay.

While the President’s action against the two officials must be greeted with high commendation, justice too must be ensured in this matter because had the substandard chemicals been on which they spend US$1m public money been used at Whiteplains and not been detected, the Government of Liberia would have fallen into trouble as a result of the ‘health hazard’ the substandard chemicals may have cause for citizens and residents of Monrovia and its environs.

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The resignation of Nortu Jappah as managing Director  and dismissal of Elmos B. Glay as deputy Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation must not only be the end of it all. They must also be prosecuted for putting public health at risk, as well as made to account for the US$1M public money against the people’s interest.

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