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Editorial – Staying Away From the Mulbah, Police Case

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A statement attributed to the President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf by the Ministry of Information, has assured Liberians and other nationals in the country that all sectors of government will stay away from the on-going case between the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, CDC Rep. Tokpa Mulbah and the Police to allow the due process to prevail.

Understandably, Madam President is simply telling her officials, some of whom are very fast in talking, to stay away from this crisis to avoid making the situation to appear as if the Government of Liberia was divided. She is also suggesting to them to exercise cautions, as utterances by them on the matter may negatively impact the on-going investigation and its outcome.

While we continue to maintain our initial position that the Honorable Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative, Tokpa Mulbah was actually in error by first of all proceeding to the scene of the flogging of Police officer Lexington Beah after he (Beah) had arrested his sand truck without headlights and license plate, before even mentioning the action and orders he took and gave.

We also wholeheartedly embrace this warning, especially to public officials who may un-necessarily and overly be sentimental, not only on the basis of reasoning, but “attachments.” We are of the belief that this is where the President’s fear rests, being cognizant of the fact that attempts by such officials, who should have nothing to do with the situation, would further prejudice the on-going investigation.

Moreover, what we at the New Dawn had thought initially was for the Government of Liberia to recues the Liberia National Police from the on-going investigation and allows an independent commission or other security apparatus and rights groups to conduct the probe. Such commission, we believe, must conduct the investigation and charge whoever is guilty in the last weekend’s flogging of Officer Lexington Beah of the Liberia National Police.

We strongly hold the view that the police cannot be the victim and at the sometime, the judge at this preliminary stage before adjudication in a competent court of jurisdiction. We do also appreciate the u-turn made by the Honorable Deputy Speaker to submit to the due process of law. We think, this should have been his initial pronouncement and action to signal that even though he visited the scene, he was innocent.

But again, we welcome this move and that of the President of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, with the hope that the on-going preliminary investigation will be conducted inclusively with the United Nations Mission in Liberia and other rights groups.

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