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Editorial: Sustaining the CLSG Project is important

The Government of Liberia under President George Manneh Weah has consummated a very important agreement that stands to spur economic activities with the signing of the Transmission Service Agreement (TSA) involving the Liberia Electricity Corporation at TRANSCO CLSG headquarters in Abidjan, Ivory Coast last Wednesday, 26 October 2022.

Unarguably, government’s move to join the regional electricity grid is a significant investment that is surely going to not only have great returns in economic growth but improve standard of life of ordinary Liberians in a significant way.

Liberia’s Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. who left Monrovia to attend the signing ceremony in Abidjan, has promised the Liberian government’s financial commitment to sustaining the TRANSCO CLSG.

We believe this is important if Liberians should benefit from this partnership which is to put the country on par with its neighbors in terms of reliable electricity. Lest we forget, power is not only for social-economic activities, but a key security instrument as well.

Therefore, it is important government keeps its part of the agreement by prompt payment of all financial obligations to have the service available at all times. 

This project is also going to boost the health and education sectors of our country, as Doctors and health workers would have unhindered access to electricity to respond to emergency cases, while students would study at home under electricity to help improve their performance on exams to the delight of parents.  

It would also promote regional trade and easy travel among member countries and strengthen already existing bonds of warm friendship cementing peoples of the four Mano River Union States that are characterized by intermarriages, cultural and religious ties.

However, we are fully aware that this project could not have been possible without support of international partners, namely, the World Bank, European Investment Bank, African Development Bank, German Development Bank and other important stakeholders.  Indeed, they are true partners of the Liberian people and should always be commended.

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People-center projects such as these should be applauded by all well-meaning citizens, politics aside because they affect lives in a positive way. One key ingredient of leadership is to better people’s lives.

The TRANSCO CLSG project is going to revolutionize economic development and growth on a scale never imagined in recent decades to bring Liberia once more on right trajectory as a beacon of hope in the subregion in terms of business.  

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