Editorial: Sympathizing With the Cause of the Liberia National Police

Peaceful citizens and residents of Monrovia and its suburbs continue to experience difficult and restless nights as a result of the high increase in armed robbery. Heartless weapons-carrying men and women under the influence of narcotic drugs, have of late, been on the rampage in several communities in Monrovia and its environs, bursting into homes and terrorizing occupants between the hours of 2-4am daily without any sign of intervention from the Government of Liberia.

Other than just making away with personal belongings, these armed robbers usually torture, maim, rape and kill innocent citizens and residents as other community dwellers watch on through their windows. In recent times, attempts by these victims and their community on-lookers to seek the intervention of the Liberia National Police have yielded no fruitful results.

Whether or not these heartless drug-driven criminals are over-whelming the police, the government is yet to say the actual truth.  While peaceful citizens and residents of Monrovia’s suburban communities continue to survive at the  mercy of these  criminals whose  only occupations are narcotics and terrorism, the police too continue to complain about the absence of vehicles, fuel and other basic logistics to approach the various crime scenes.

If those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting us all at any time are themselves rendered incapacitated to perform such duty, on whom next should we rely? Where then do we seek security? This is very serious, and if the conspicuous silence of public officials on the rampant armed robbery situation continue to be a result of the protection provide by their huge fences and thick steel gates and doors, we are further saddened.

Our brothers and sisters on Capitol Hill must open their eyes to the realities and give the police the benefit of the doubt by augmenting the budget of the Liberia National Police currently under review. Our honorable compatriots in the House of Representatives and Liberian Senate must act now and not politicize the security of the people of Gardinersville, Barnesville, Brewerville, Bernard Farm, Pipeline, Wood Camp, Soul Clinic, Caldwell and even some parts of Central Monrovia, among others.

We sincerely believe as other well-meaning Liberians do, that if the police must perform to our expectations, the Legislature must give them the teeth to bite. For now, it is only the Liberia National Police that Liberians currently trust for their security during these early morning activities of these undesirable and worthless citizens of ours, and all must be done to either accept proposed budget of the LNP or make an immense increment.

While we appreciate the presence of other security apparatus, including the new Armed Forces of Liberia or AFL, we strongly believe that police is urgently needed, and that Capitol Hill must bend back-ward to do the trick, even if it meant slicing off something from the AFL. There’s a dire need to build the logistical capacity of the LNP so as to engage these besters armed robbers.

Because of the uncontrollable insecurity situations in suburban communities may just be of serious concern to everyone, we also appeal to the United Nations Development Program, U.S Aid for International Development, European Union, as well as foreign Missions accredited near this capital to assist the Liberia National Police with whatever possible in meeting up with the current demand before it in the interest of our security.

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