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Editorial: The New Dawn-Liberia At One

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Saturday, January 22, 2011 made it one year since the appearance on the newsstand in Liberia of the New Dawn Newspaper, a truly independent media outlet owned and operated by the Searchlight Communications, Incorporated. Had it not been for the Grace of the Almighty whose guidance and direction propelled   the courage discipline and professionalism for continuity, the New Dawn-Liberia would have met its early demise in 2010.

Despite our vow to be and continue to be a truly independent and non-partisan daily newspaper in Liberia, with the objectives of promoting the practice of professional journalism, sustainable democracy, respect for human rights and good governance, as well as providing wider coverage on development trends in the country and highlighting the country’s changing investment climate, news of our birth was greeted with wishful remarks and undermining by a few individuals in our society.

While  some of the very few had predicted that we would have survived for only six months or less than that, others of the same thought considered us a “ pro-Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf newspaper.” Of course, there were some of the same categories who harbored the belief that we were out to negatively target public officials.

But with the composition of our management team and principle-minded editorial staff backed by workable and understandable administrative principles, and acceptable fiscal discipline characterizing The New Dawn-Liberia as institution for the past one year, we have been able to disabuse the minds of those who wishfully thought about us. At least we have proven beyond all reasonable doubts that in our partnership, we have no special relationship or owe no loyalty to anyone.

Our relationship/partnership with the Government of Liberia and private sector for the past 12 months had always and will continue to be on the basis of mutual respect and understanding. As we quietly celebrate one year of existence as a truly independent and non-partisan daily in Liberia, we recommit ourselves to upholding and demonstrating professional and ethical standards in the discharge of our reportorial activities.

We also reassure that, as our nation is now thriving on the path of recovery and true democracy after years of conflicts, will be directed at the principles of good journalism, most especially in this electoral year. In view of the foregoing, our pledge is to accord equal opportunity to all without discrimination.

The New Dawn-Liberia, in keeping with its motto: Taking Journalism To Another Level, will continue to be here to genuinely contribute its quota to the peace, security and development of not only Mama Liberia, but the West African sub region, the continent and the world with a high degree of responsibility, professionalism, patriotism and nationalism with respect to its social obligations.

May we also reassure that we would do nothing, whatsoever, to place selfish interest and other negative vices above our nation’s. As we celebrate this anniversary, we extend heartfelt appreciation to our many readers and admirers, as well as institutions and individuals who advertised with us not on this basis of sentiments and threats, but our contents, principles and professionalism for the past ONE YEAR.We hope such relationship/partnership will continue, as we all strive to restore hope and make progress for Liberia’s democracy and development.

As we play our part with the highest degree of sincerity, may the Almighty, God continue to lead us, most especially,  in this new year and those to come, in our drive to assist the process of enhancing peace, security, national reconciliation, development and growth.

May God guide us all once again in this direction.

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