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Editorial: The Police Must Re-double Its Efforts Against Armed Robbery

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Christ Massaquo’s first two weeks as Director of the Liberia national Police occasioned a vigorous move against armed robbery and other crimes in Monrovia and its environs, including Paynesville. He may have succeeded against these drug-driven heartless criminals, probably due to the excitement which characterized his appointment by President Ellen Sirleaf late last year.

The move by Director Massaquoi and his Liberia national Police which resulted to a peaceful celebration of Christmas and New Year holidays, attracted public praises from all sectors of the Liberian society. As if these warm sentimental platitudes only made Massaquoi and his forces overly confident and complacent (as in the case of the white chicken and palm oil), not much is seen of the Emergency Response Unit or ERU and Police Support Unit or PSU regarding consistency and timeliness in responding to armed robbery.

At the moment, with the high increase in armed robbery in many communities, most especially Paynesville, the vigor which once propelled Director Massaquoi’s stern action has completely diminished, leaving residents at the mercy of drug-motivated armed robbers. It is even saddened to note the untimely intervention of the ERU and PSU when telephoned by victims of armed robbery between the hours of 1:30-3:30am.

While we do appreciate the efforts of the police in fighting crimes, including armed robbery, we also also urged them to redouble their efforts. In redoubling such efforts, they must be timely and very understanding in responding residents who make contacts for rescue during the criminal act. Equally, the necessary logistics must also be doubled through budgetary increment to motivate the men and women in the field.

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