Editorial: The Real Meaning of Christmas

How soon time elapses! Another Christmas is here – a time of giving and sharing as well as celebrations in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of Mankind. Here in Liberia, and across the globe, people are shopping-crazy, purchasing all they can to have a joyous celebration.

Though the actual date of birth of Jesus Christ is not Biblically established, but ancient Christians had selected December 24 each year to commemorate the birth of the man, whose life and death have epitomized the Christian Faith like no other prophet has done even before and after his time.

The celebration of Christmas has a unique place in human history because it has always been characterized by bringing people together in love, peace and unity. In Liberia, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has been going from one community to another, particularly in Monrovia, distributing food, clothes and other assorted items to vulnerable groups as a way of enabling them feel a part of the day.

President Sirleaf recently reminded fellow Liberians to share whatever they have during this festival season in depicting the real essence of Christmas, for Jesus Christ, in whose memory Christmas is celebrated the worldover, was a gift from God to Mankind. Throughout his mission on earth, Jesus fed the less fortunate; he healed the sick and revolutionized Christianity by laying down his life on the Cross so that man can have a second chance to make his soul right with God almighty for salvation.

But Mankind seems to have departed from the true meaning of Christmas by using the day to merry make with the drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking of dangerous drugs and engaging in unholy acts, including crimes. Some climax the celebration in hospitals or prison cells.

Christmas should be a day of family gathering, thanksgiving, praise and reflection of where God has brought us from, particularly through the year and to realize that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. As we celebrate yet another Christmas, it is our hope that all Liberians would see the need to pattern their lives after the Lord Jesus Christ by loving and caring for one another and upholding those virtues that promote peace and unity.

Let this Christmas renew our faith in universal peace and oneness among Mankind regardless of geographical, political or ideological difference. God is one and Supreme. His only begotten son Jesus Christ is the light that should guide our feet on the path to holiness and righteousness. 

Joy to the world, a child is born. May this Christmas reminds us all of the wondrous deeds of Jesus Christ, while He was on earth, and may reflect on those moments to mold our own lives before his second coming.

Merry Christmas and Happy New!

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