Editorial: Too disappointing Chairman Boakai

Editorial: No patriotic Liberian had ever thought that former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, captain of the Collaborating Police Parties (CPP) would have jumped the boat while it sails in troubled waters, abandoning CPP supporters and sympathizers in a state of hopelessness and neglect. It is so sad for the elderly statesman of the land.

It came as a shockwave to many that barely four months into his chairmanship of the CPP, the former VP and standard bearer of the Unity Party would call it a quit just as he was expected to take the Collaboration to elections next year.

Mr. Boakai cited among others, ceaseless internal wrangling in the CPP under his watch that he said distracted the four constituent parties (UP, ALP. ANC and LP) from their responsibilities to the Liberian people, coupled with pressure from his own UP that pushed to give up his duty.

But a senior member of the UP publicly disagreed. Former Senator John Ballout described the decision by his standard bearer as an emotional error and hoped that Chairman Boakai can re-visit the decision and go back to the Collaboration.

Mr. Ballout noted that arguments presented by his standard bearer clearly contradict efforts made over the period to unite the CPP and that Mr. Boakai only cataloged a plethora of problems but failed to provide solutions. 

So, where does this leadership that the UP-standard bearer so desperately wants to provide for the entire country is to be tested if he cannot take four parties to elections?   

Boakai’s exit out of the Collaboration has surrendered the CPP to the ruling CDC even before the political battle can start in 2023.

A general that fails to mobilize his troops and take charge is unfit to lead and therefore, cannot be entrusted with the duties of state. Chairman Boakai’s action clearly proved so.

In the first instance, leaders of the CPP were convinced that remaining in their separate ways to face incumbent President George Manneh Weah at the ballot box in 2023 would not achieve the desired result hence, the need to unite as a formidable opposition bloc under the CPP.

Now Chairman Boakai has thrown the bathtub away with the baby, leaving the opposition parties scattered and weak to put a strong fight against President Weah something, that he has already acknowledged but yet tells Liberians that hope is coming. But like former Senator Ballout, we too disagree. A scatter opposition cannot deliver hope for the future that it cannot nurture now.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/editorial-boakai-has-failed-to-demonstrate-leadership/


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