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Editorial: Welcoming An Honorable Resignation

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A Guets Editorial

Many Liberians were taken by surprise when Comrade James M. Fromayan, on Sunday, October 30, 2o11 tendered in his Resignation as Chairman of the National Elections Commission or NEC. When his detractors thought he would have been adamant and unpatriotic as some of them are today, Comrade Fromayan chose to be the sacrificial lamp in the supreme interest of the nation.

The fact remains that Fromayan resigned not as a result of so-called pressure from the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC, but what many well-meaning Liberians referred to as the ‘embarrassment’ which accompanied the notification letter which mistakenly  gave 43.9% of the total votes cast in the first round of election on October 11 to the CDC.

And in the minds of the few who understand contemporary electoral politics, Fromayan’s decision to resign his post in so short a time further assisted efforts to reduce the unfortunate political tension over the November 8 Run-off election, even though it would have still taken place come what may.

Placing his motherland, Liberia above his personal desire was the most welcoming and honorable decision taken by the Comrade-and it can be freely said that in recent Liberian history no public official has taken such decision under similar condition. Not even a junior executive of the very Congress for Democratic Change would have chosen such a route had he or she been caught up in similar situation within that party, other than resisting in harsh tones.

What  other political parties would have done upon receipt of such notification letter from the National Elections with such error was to return same to the Commission for ratification without creating un-necessary sensations being cognizant of the fact that the results were already known the world-over. But again, that’s how a few executives of the CDC thought to magnify the demands to attract sympathy.

To God be the Glory that Comrade Fromayan took a bold step forward to Liberia’s democracy that is being wholeheartedly welcomed by all sincere Liberians, including Cllr. Winston A. Tubman. May the Counselor also be commended for welcoming Fromayan’s resignation, as well as assuring the people of Liberia that his party, the CDC, will participate in the November 8 Run-off election.

It is, however, hoped that whatever ‘administrative’ proposal he and the CDC will be submitting to the NEC will be in conformity with the interest of the vast majority of Liberians and the country’s emerging democracy and not just a hand full of CDC executives.

It is also hoped that other executives of the CDC, especially comrades of the CDC who have just arrived in the country from the United States will allow Liberia to subdue their personal whims and caprices so that this glorious land of liberty shall long be ours.

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