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Editorial: What’s going on in CDC?

A few weeks ago, it was reported in the media that the political leaders of the Congress for Democratic Change or CDC and Liberty Party, George M. Weah and Charles Walker Brumskine had agreed to contest the 2011 presidential election on a joint ticket.

In that agreement reached in the Ghanaian Capital, Accra, Mr. Weah agreed to run as a Vice Presidential running-mate to Cllr. Brumskine in a coalition of the two political parties. Of course that may not have gone down well with most executives and members of the CDC, thus creating uproar.

Perhaps being cognizant of the consequences of his Accra decision, Weah paid a hasty visit to Monrovia to convene an emergency meeting of his party’s executive committee and then, the general membership.

In his response to the concerns of his many partisans who had gathered at the party’s Congo Town Headquarters in Monrovia, Weah could not admit or denied his reported decision to be Brumskine’s running-mate, but alluded to the meeting and communiqué signed in Accra, Ghana between him and the Liberty Party leader as an “tent” to collaborate.

Then came on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, when the National Executive Committee of the Congress for Democratic Change released/issued an official position vehemently rejecting the Brumskine-Weah Accra Communiqué, “collaboration of intent” or whatever agreement they may have reached in Ghana.

“As an outcome of a series of Joint meetings held by the ExecutiveCommittee with the Planning and Strategy Committee, the CDC Collaboration Committee, various Auxiliaries, and Party Stalwarts, as well as consultations with Counties Leaderships, the party wishes to reiterate that its Standard Bearer Ambassador George Manneh Weah, contrary to mounting speculations, has not consented to contest the ensuing 2011 Presidential and General Elections as a vice running mate

to anyone but has embarked upon a process aimed at uniting all opposition political parties unto a single bloc to ensure resounding victory during the upcoming 2011 elections,” were the exact words of the CDC NEC headed by its Chairman, Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff.

The statement quoted the National Executive Committee of the party as also reaffirming its commitment to the Joint Communiqué entered into between CDC, NPP, LINU and PRODEM at the Monrovia City Hall in Monrovia on Saturday, August 14, 2010.

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The CDC National Executive Committee is also encouraging all other political parties to join the emerging coalition. Since the issuance of its official position just a few days ago, we observe that “bad blood” is being infused into the Congress for Democratic Change.

Whether there is a denial or not, two factions have now emerged as a result of the rejection by the party of Charles Brumskine as well as the reaffirmation of its participation in collaborative efforts toward a grand coalition for next year’s elections.

The foregoing appears to be the philosophy of George Weah and Chairman Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, while Secretary General Lenn Eugene Nagbe seems to spearheading the Brumskine-Weah concept. It is also being rumored in certain quarters within the CDC that there is a belief that the party could stand alone and still win the 2011 general and presidential elections.

While we may not be well knowledgeable about the CDC politics with respect to its constitution and decision-making power, we are of the fervent belief that, like in other political institutions and associations, the National Executive Committee is the highest decision-making body and that decisions are taken on the basis of votes. And so, we believe that whatever decision taken by the CDC NEC must be upheld and respected by all partisans.

The Congress for Democratic Change must also understand that unlike the 2205 presidential and legislative elections, the 2011 will be a different political ball game, as no single political party will contest and make any significant impact-no one should be fooled into such political thought.

The only solution is a merger as already begun by the Unity Party, Liberia Action Party and a break-away faction of the Liberia Unification Party, as well as a coalition as initiated by the CDC, NPP, LINU and PRODEMP and others or the alliance also initiated by the former Liberian progressives, NEW DEAL Movement and Liberty Party.

We believe that these initiatives are all geared toward reducing the number of political parties and avoiding confusion among the electorates during decision making come 2001.

For those in the Congress for Democratic Change who continue harbor the belief that their primary objective of being there is selfishness, we beg that you take into consideration the over-all objective of the party, as others are doing in other political parties. What’s happening now is just confusing the thousands and thousands of youthful members of the CDC, and such may be to the amazement of other political parties,

Mr. George Weah and other influential members of the CDC must now act and get rid of the bad blood in the party, as if it continues that way, “things may just fall apart.”

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