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Education boss urges teachers to uphold calling

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Liberia’s Minister of Education, D. Ansu Sonii, has urged teachers across the country to live up to the calling, saying, at times some teachers see the profession as an area for money making thus, causing harm to the education sector.

“You are a teacher, and you will remain a teacher, and your calling as a teacher is to develop a nation”, Minister Sonii underscored.

He made the call in remarks recently at the Ministerial Complex in Oldest Congo Town during official launch of stimulus package for private school teachers across Liberia.

The Minister also challenged teachers to uphold ethics of the teaching profession, noting that teachers are people that build the foundation of any nation, and serve as role models for future generation.

According to the Education boss, if teachers in Liberia would continue to extort money from students or demand sex for grade, such attitude has a propensity to undermine the country’s education and threaten the future of students.

He observed often teachers are the ones that give birth to doctors, ministers, including presidents, yet they never own a house or a bicycle, but those who they build, have all of the skyscrapers. “But this is our calling and today I have come to say no teacher should expect a life like a banker or a pilot.”

“If you are not called to teach, don’t enter the classroom, because there are only two callings: a call to teach, and a call to preach.”

Minister Sonii continued that teaching is a profession of sacrifice, saying, “Giving a life to service that doesn’t necessarily bring back returns, but this is a life that we all are being called to.”

Speaking also, Deputy Finance Minister for Economic Planning at the Ministry of Fiance and Development Planning, Augustus Flomo extended sentiments on behalf of Finance Minister Samuel Tweah to teachers who have demonstrated patience since the pronouncement of the stimulus package by President George M. Weah.

He pledged government’s commitment to working along with both private and public school teachers across the country for the cardinal role they continue to play in impacting knowledge to youths who are mostly considered future generation of any country.

“The future of this country lies in your hands as teachers, and your purpose is to make sure that the nation developed; that is why you are being called a teacher”.

Meanwhile, the president of the National Teachers Association of Liberia, Mary Mulbah, thanked President Weah and the government for responding to the plight of private school teachers, saying the launch of the private school teachers’ stimulus package is a testament of government’s commitment to working with teachers across the country.

“We the teachers across this country want to applaud the president, and his government for the continuing support to us”, Madam Mulbah expressed.

The Government of Liberia announced a US$1000, 000 stimulus package for private school teachers after private schools here shut their doors in 2020 due to outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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