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Education is my priority

Independent candidate John H. Mathies says education will be his priority when elected Montserrado County District #12 representative this October. He told the NewDawn on Thursday, 7 September he will construct an education institution, promising that in 90 days he shall than focus on forming the District Development Council.

According to him, incumbent Rep. Richardmond Anderson has failed massively and needs to be voted out. Mr. Mathies says his motivation to contest in district comes from recognition of how the people of the district have been allegedly left out of the representation by the incumbent who is seeking reelection.

He alleges lack of inclusive representation of the people, saying decisions are being made without consulting the people. “You cannot represent the people without including them into your representation. That is the most part of representation. The people must have access to the representative,” Mathies notes.

The independent candidate vows to decentralize the office of the representative, claiming that there should be no name of the people leaving the district and going to town just to see or talk to their representative.

Having spent ten years in the diaspora, the independent candidate promises to lobby with his friends outside of Liberia to be a help to District #12 and Liberia as a whole following his election.

He cautions voters in the district not to be moved by little money that some candidates are offering to buy votes, asking them to vote the right person into office.

By Samuel P. Kamara–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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