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Effective Communication

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The power of communication cannot be underestimated or overemphasized in life, and leadership. Leaders who truly desires success and seek to maintain the loyalty of their followers must understand effective communication and practice these principles.

I realize that weakness in communication skills accounts for many breakdown in relationships, and often twats credibility of leadership. Most young leaders have mastered the unidirectional communication style, like a master talk to his slaves or servants who are expected to listen, make no objections or contributions and have no critical mind to process information and give a feedback is a weakness in leadership.

Effective Communication is the most power tool of a leader to know the mind of his or her followers. It helps to gain their loyalty so you can understand their strength and weaknesses and together can achieve a common goal. I realize that words are carriers of thoughts, intents, and emotions and a revealer of true personality.

Effective communication is thus an integral part of leadership which involves a second opinion especially that of your followers. Let’s face the fact, nobody enjoys been despised when they give their opinion. Leaders who understand effective communication are quick to give a second thought to opposing opinions, although it may hurt your ego sometimes. I have been through several decision making meetings where only one person talks, one person makes all the decisions yet expect others to endorse it even if it is not practicable, or achievable. This is gross disrespect for the view of others and many times it doesn’t inspire loyalty and commitment to organizational goals.

People respond better and are more committed when they are a part of the decision making process. Followers naturally give their commitment when you guide them into making a decision rather than giving commandments and exempting them from decision making process, yet expect them to execute your decisions.

One of the greatest skills you could possess as a leader is valuing the opinion of others because being a leader does not make you supper human. We all make mistakes and giving people a conducive atmosphere to express their thoughts and intents make them more responsible and committed to your vision.

Furthermore, attacking personality instead of addressing issues often leads to communication breakdown. Always ask yourself what is the key objective of discuss, and what is the main issue?  Face the facts, solve the problem without getting involved in character assassination because of a moment of anger.

Everybody loves to be valued and respected thus, effective communication determines your success or failure as a leader. This is demonstrated by building an effective listening skill. Many young leaders think being able to impress people with words without paying kin attention to how to accomplish what they say makes them smart, but it doesn’t.

Understand that communication is never complete without a second opinion, or feedback. You truly become a powerful communicator when you master the art of listening. I realize that I know more about people’s thoughts and intentions as well as how they feel about me when I listen to them. The reason many leaders like to talk all the time is because they think listening is for lesser people, but that is far from the reality of effective leadership.

Keeping eye contact is another integral part of effective communication. You can easily tell when people are lying or trying to deceive or impress you with words, knowing that they are not capable of accomplishing their promises. Truly the eye is the window to the mind and soul, therefore to know the true intentions of people learn to keep an eye contact.

Your success as a leader begins when you can effectively communicate and not manipulate your followers. Many leaders keep communication in a way that suits their ego and protect their selfish interest even when their mistake seems so obvious. This is a weakness we all need to be mindful of.

As a leadership learn to work your talk and not just talk the talk. Followers respect leaders with integrity who make action plans and consciously work towards achieving what they say to their followers. We all need to be careful of making too many promises to people. I believe that People value surprises more than futile and empty promises.

I believe we can make a change today, love and respect others opinion and give then room to express themselves. I believe in inclusive leadership, such that listens, addresses issues without a conscious attack on personality even in conflict resolution process. Knowing that a leader can also be wrong and apologizing shows respect for your followers and attracts more loyalty from them.

Ezekiel Moses is a Writer, Consultant, Creative Artist, Broadcaster and Blogger. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has impacted many people, young and old over the years. He is a Branding, Marketing and Adverts specialist and Best Seller Author. For further enquires please call: 231 7755 97336, E-mail:

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