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EFFL calls for audit at LPRC

The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) an advocacy group is calling for an audit of the Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) Madam Nyemadi Pearson.
In a press release here Wednesday, 30 October EFFL expresses concern over arbitrary increase of petroleum price by importers and vendors.

It calls for the audit of the new Managing Director at the LPRC, including all storage tanks at the entity for spot verification of products amidst LPRC claims there are no shortage in the country.
EFFL laments it is regrettable that LPRC Management and the government are maintaining there is no shortage of petroleum product in the country, but price of the products has sky rocketed within the last few days or weeks at an all-time ever in Liberia.

The group also calls on President George Weah to sanction an immediate audit of the LPRC Management presided over by Madam Pearson, who once served with the National Oil Company of Liberia or NOCAL before it went bankrupt, noting that it is not surprised Nyemadi is allegedly failing at LPRC as she was one of those who failed at NOCAL,

EFFL says it is troubled by statements coming from LPRC and one of the importers, Aminata and Sons, with one party saying there is scarcity and the other is claiming enough fuel is in the country, while majority of the Liberian people are suffering.

It wants a tank audit to verify who’s saying the truth. The group decries hike in transportation fares as a result of increment in petroleum price, saying this is not what the Weah-led CDC promised Liberians, adding, “Their Agenda for Prosperity will be a farce if this petroleum issue is not handled expeditiously.”
The EFFL calls on the LPRC Management to with immediate effect halt the clandestine ‘Provisional Lifting’ being carried out at the port where another importer’s fuel is illegally given to another for sale behind the back of the original owner thereby, creating shortage for others.

“This ‘Dig Hole Cover Hole’ attitude of LPRC as exposed by online watchdog must be investigated and perpetrators brought to book. Petroleum products have an adverse effect on the general population and any attempt by government not to sort out the challenges soon will lead to major economic catastrophe”, the institution says.

The group says it is regrettable that the President will parade with Madam Pearson for sight visitation in Nimba County and other places while the general public is crying to be served at a few filling stations that have access to petroleum product. “The friendship club must come to a halt, it’s time for governance and the leader must be ready to act swiftly to save the state.”

EFFL laments that as it stands, commuters commuting from one place to another are experiencing huge increase of transportation fares making specific reference to those traveling from Kakata City to Monrovia now being asked pay 1,500 Liberian dollars per trip. Press Release

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