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EFFL joins Boakai

- ‘Fragmented opposition can't defeat Weah’

By Lewis S. Teh

The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) has joined former vice president Joseph N. Boakai to call for a united opposition front to face incumbent President George M. Weah in 2023.

EFFL leader Mr. Emmanuel Gonquoi on Tuesday, February 22, 2023, warned that a fragmented opposition cannot defeat Mr. Weah in October.

“Look this fragmented opposition that we have can’t defeat George M. Weah. Defeating the incumbent president requires a united opposition,” Gonquoi, who bears the title of EFFL Commander-in-Chief, said during a radio talk show on OK FM in Monrovia Tuesday, 22 February 2023.

Gonquoi warned that the opposition is on a rocky road, and failure on its part to join forces could get worse in the effort to unseat the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government at the ballot.

Gonquoi argued that if the opposition claims to have a love for Liberia, and if it is serious about redeeming Liberia from the hands of the CDC government, it has to see reasons to form a united force that will defeat the ruling establishment.

“My opinion right now as to who [is] best for the country is to see for the opposition to come together,” said Mr. Gonquoi.

“You can’t claim to love this country and [pursue] a greater change, and having [a] desire for the people, and yet you can’t subordinate your decision or agenda to come together for the common interests of the people,” he argued.

The EFFL leader believes that this means the opposition leaders do not love the people.

“If you love the people, knowing that Liberia is at risk and that the country is in the hands of a juvenile people, you will do all you can to abandon your agenda and redeem the country,” he claimed further.

Gonquoi noted that when you are a political character that claims that a particular situation needs to be addressed, you need to be practical about it.

He said he thinks the opposition leaders need to double up their efforts to unite forces.

“As I talk to these opposition leaders, I see the possibilities of them not coming together, but again [we anticipate] that they will come together,” he continued.

He pointed out that the EFFL is having conversations with all heads of political parties for opposition unity, saying it is not an easy thing to defeat a ruling party.

He warned if the opposition goes to the election with this fragmented posture, there is no surety of winning the ruling establishment.

According to Gonquoi, if the opposition goes to the election divided, not a single party will want to support whoever enters the run-off against Mr. Weah.

“I doubt if there is a run-off election between Mr. Boakai and President Weah that folks from the ANC (Alternative National Congress) will support Mr. Boakai,” he said.

“I also doubt if there is a run-off election between Mr. Cummings and President Weah that the UP (Unity Party) folks will support Mr. Cummings,” he added.

Given these concerns, Mr. Gonquoi has cautioned opposition leaders that they are on a very rocky road and they need to address these concerns before the October elections.


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