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Ehn Yor See Jesus Again?

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Yes, Sometime ago, I wrote about what Jesus said in Matthew 5:28: “But I tell you that man who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

Look at this kinda trouble. With all these beautiful girls and women passing in front of us day and night, Jesus is telling us that if we look at them and swallow spit, then we’ve finished doing the thing to them. This one here, I think Jesus just wants to put us in for-nothing trouble. In most instances, even the women we lust after don’t even know. Yet Jesus says that just by looking at them and swallowing spit, the thing is already done. How can one person have sex?

Jesus, I know that you are our big brother, but sometimes you can want to embarrass us. Don’t do that kinda thing to us, brother. Because the Bible says that we should not commit adultery, and because the New Testament says we should flee from fornication, we sometimes try to keep ourselves. We can’t even open our mouths to say we want them. We’re scared to do the act. Instead of doing the act, we have been thinking that looking at them and swallowing spit 100 times would not put us in any trouble, but you come back and say naked spit swallowing is also sin. What do you really want us to do, Jesus? To run away when we see these beautiful women in town? To close our eyes when we see them? Eh Jesus! Try to feel sorry for us.

You see, Jesus, I don’t want to argue with you because you are my older brother, but some of the things you can say can be some kinda way. It is not fair to us. For example, you say if we look at the woman and swallow spit, then we’re finished doing the thing already, even if the woman doesn’t know that we were swallowing spit because of her. But then, you didn’t say anything on the side of women. For example, there should have been a different verse that said: “And I also tell you the truth. Any woman who causes a man to look at her and swallow spit has already raped that man, and her punishment will be greater than the one the man will get.” Why didn’t you put this kinda fine Bible verse in Matthew Chapter 5?

Here is another one, Jesus. In the same Book of Matthew, your disciples asked you about forgiveness. Quickly, you told them to forgive others seventy times seven. Da small thing, Jesus? We human beings are annoying. We are troublesome people. We knowingly wrong people and refuse to apologize. Besides, we are stubborn people. That’s why we like to pay debt. We want to teach others lesson. And here you are, saying that we should forgive seventy times seven. And that’s just one person. If we have to forgive each individual that wrongs us that number of times, then when will we act?

Okay, while we are thinking about how to deal with this other problem, we see you in action in another place. We see you entering the temple and angrily flogging everyone selling in it. You confuse us, Jesus.

Ehn yor see Jesus Again, my people? Jesus is telling us to forgive seventy times seven those who wrong us, yet he enters the temple without even advising the people not to sell there again. Ehn yor see Jesus again? My people, ehn Jesus practices karate in the temple? Since we are younger brothers, and He says we should forgive seventy times seven, ehn He’s supposed to forgive 1000000 times 1000000? But he enters and started flogging people.

Ehn yor see Jesus again, my people? Jesus says that we should follow his examples. Jesus fights karate in the temple. Yor see why Solution Temple Bishop fought karate at the Temple Of Justice last year? Da bene seed poppin’ from my mou’h?

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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