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Ehn Yor See the Apostle Paul Again – Part 2

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Da me again-o, my people.Yorna know me? Da me Paul. My mou’hna scared. I can just talk the thing them the way they are. Yorna know? I say da me again. Da me Paul.

Ehnyor remember what I talked about the last time? I na come again. I reviewed what Jesus says in Matthew 5:28, which says that when a man looks at a woman some kinda way and swallows spit, he has already had sex with the woman – he has already committed adultery or fornication.  To be frank, I don’t understand this one. I don’t really understand it.

If doing the real thing is adultery, I don’t think doing the thing with your eyeball should also be considered adultery. Maybe it should be called “eye-dultery.” Calling real eating and eyeball eating the same doesn’t look correct to me. This is the same thing that caused King David to eat Uriah’s wife datkinda way. David only wanted to do eyeball eating, but when he thought about the possibility of Jesus one day equating real eating to eyeball eating, David said, “I think I will send for this woman and just do the real eating.” You will blame King David? I would do the same.

Then there comes the Apostle Paul in Romans 14:12, saying that each of us will give an account of himself on Judgment Day. Wait-o, my people.Yor think Paul really mean business?

Doesn’t the Apostle Paul know that the dry-face on earth dana small dry-face? Everyone will give an account of himself? If football players can be caught red-handed playing foul, and they can tell the referee, “Da na me. I didn’t do anything,” why does Paul think that we will be good people to start explaining all that happened in our lives, especially when they happened long ago?

Doesn’t the Apostle Paul know that Judgment day will be a free-yourself day? Which student is going to explain how he or she used to spy in class or used to bribe teachers? Which police officer is going to start explaining how he used to take five dollars from taxi drivers? Which pastors is going to give some detailed account about how he used to eat church money or used to eat the women in his church? Each person will give an account of himself? Ehnyor see the Apostle Paul again? Does the Apostle Paul expect our lawmakers, ministers and other government officials to say, “Jesus, corruption was my area”?

But who will be stupid to do that, especially when you know that hell is not too far from where judgment will be taking place? I feel sorry for Paul because he seems not to know that Judgment Day will be a free-yourself day. Nobody will want to go to hell. That description of hell, as recorded in Matthew 25, is fearful.

If Jesus agrees with Paul on this everybody-will-give-an-account-of-himself saying, then I feel sorry for Jesus, too. First, it means that Jesus has to be extra patient. Second, Judgment Day will take long to finish for many, different reasons. Think about all the people that can stammer. Some people can stammer bad way. They say about five words in one minute. Besides, like every other dry-face human being, the people that can stammer will also want to play tricks on Jesus, too. All this will take time. Will Jesus be waiting for all those in this category to give an account of themselves? Third, everybody will want to present himself as a good person. Thinking about the good things to say will also cause the time to be long.

Who’s stupid to explain in detail all the rascal things they did – the many lies, the too much woman and man business, the cheating, the spying in class, the eating church money, the cheating on partners, the womanizing, the jealousy and envy, the cussing, and the this and the that? Who’s stupid?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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